Winter Golf Training

Winter Golf Training

When winter time of year does come around it is a great opportunity to look at what you can achieve indoors.

Body conditioning is something I advise my clients to work on over the winter period.

Typically most golfers play less in the winter and they don’t need their game to hit peak performance at this stage of the year.

This is a prime time to try and improve your body’s condition using golf specific training programs.

There would be little point in doing a generic gym program if you really want to work on hitting the ball further and more consistently.

For instance there a certain muscle groups and areas in which you can focus to help you achieve better flexibility, stability and posture at address.

This is achievable but it would be made far easier if the body is strong enough and flexible enough in the right areas.

This kind of conditioning will help you to not only produce a better set up and movement patterns, but will also allow you to practice for longer periods of time without suffering from fatigue and loosing form.

Unfortunately all too often I see golfers hit a large bucket of balls at the range and they don’t hit the last dozen or so that well.

So off they go and purchase another large bucket of balls to try and fix the problem.

Maybe the problem was never there in the first place, maybe the swing and progress was good until the body just couldn’t cope with the strain of hitting that many balls at once.

If you really want to spend hours at the driving range make sure your body is conditioned to do so!

Practicing your putting indoors is also a great way to maintain and even improve your skill level.

Get yourself a putting mat and practice holing out those all important 5-6 foot putts.

Even 30 minutes once a week could see you through the winter and help set you up for a good putting start to the next season.

In conclusion look at other options during the winter to help you to improve your performance levels, you do not necessarily need to hit a lot of golf balls!

A good plan can also keep you motivated during the cold winter months and boost your enthusiasm to get out their come spring time.

If you do opt for going to the gym get qualified professional help and advice before starting

Happy winter training

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