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Will That Golf Club Rust?


Of all the things you could read about in golf, you’ve chosen to read about rust. I agree it’s not the most exciting thing in the world but I promise to do my best and not make this as exciting as it sounds.

I would imagine someone searching for this information is probably excited about their new club (or perhaps a set) and they are wondering whether they are going to rust. Let’s find out

Golf club heads are usually made of iron or titanium and have a tendency to rust if they are allowed to remain wet and are not maintained properly. It’s easy to avoid rust by cleaning the clubs before you put them away and storing them in a dry place.

Some golf club manufacturers actually sell clubs that are pre-rusted (or raw), Cobra’s Trusty Rusty and Cleveland’s RTG wedges are two popular examples

Cobra Trusty Rusty Wedge

I did some research into what causes rust and the clubs they affect and this is what I found out. I also found a cool Hack that was new to me too.

which kind of clubs rust

Generally speaking, the clubs that tend to rust and oxidize are made of mild carbon steel.

Forged and plated irons or stainless irons are less prone to rust and there’s less chance of the finish coming off as they are pretty durable.

Rust is most commonly found on wedges and putters using the raw finish.

Back in the 1990’s Roger Cleveland developed the Cleveland RTG Wedges, RTG standing for Raw Tour Grind.

Cleveland RTG Wedge

This type of club didn’t get the thin layer of Chrome around the face, which is there to protective against moisture and salt and over time rust will appear on these clubs

Vokey Oil Can wedges have been known to become spotted with rust, but they were actually designed to do that.

Vokey Oil Can Wedge

Personally I prefer my clubs not to rust as I think it looks bad….but I’m also OCD so that could just be me.

whAt kind of conditions Cause Clubs To rust

If you’re new to golf and wondering what happens when the season is over and you are thinking about putting your clubs away for several months, you might be concerned that they will rust in your bag?

The simple answer is maybe

If you clean them before putting them away and leave them in your golf bag, stored in a dry place, then its very unlikely that they would have any rust at all.

Humidity and salt are the largest contributors to rust, so take that out of the equation and you’ll be just fine.

If you don’t take the time to do this, it is possible they will rust but it would take a while, but why risk it.

Does Rust Affect Golf Clubs?

Rust on your wedges can be helpful when you’re playing on a sunny day.

There have been countless times I have looked down to address the ball and I get blinded by the sun shining back at me off my club face.

A Rusty Club-face would lessen the glare and make it easier t play the shot.

Does Rust Increase The Spin On Wedges

No, this is a common myth. Independent studies have proved there are no performance advantages to rust on wedges.

In truth, the abrasive nature of rusty wedges actually reduces the effectiveness of the clubs grooves. It decreases the amount of ball to face contact.

Rust will not make a major difference in spin rates, if anything, it will reduce it slightly.

the Best Thing To Clean Golf Clubs

There are a few different things you can use to clean rust of your golf clubs. These are few you may like to try

Baby Wipes or Wet Wipes

This is what I use to clean my own clubs after a round. It’s amazing how easy the dirt in the grooves comes out.

It leaves them smelling nice and fresh afterwards too, which is a Brucie Bonus


Use WD 40 and rub with a cotton bud

Gun Oil

Once cleaned treat your clubs with a coating of Youngs 303 gun oil. It’s a lovely smell.

Vinegar cuts through dirt and grime and the affect it has always make me weary of putting it on my chips.

If like me you thought it’s the same Malt Vinegar, you should know that it’s better to use White Vinegar

No chemical Approach

If you’re not into using any chemicals then you can simply use water and give the clubs a rub with a wire brush and then dry them.

You don’t even need to use water, you can do this dry too, which is what I do on the course while I am playing.

Can Coke-Cola Clean Your Dirty Golf Clubs

Here’s Simon from SAS Golf showing ways to clean up some second hand golf clubs.

A word of caution to anyone with an older Scotty Cameron or similar with a gun blue or oil can finish Do not put these in Coke you may remove the finish entirely and be left with a raw putter.


Rust is most commonly found on wedges and putters using the raw finish, but with the proper care most clubs will not rust if you look after them properly.

It’s a common misconception that rusty wedges create more spin but it’s not the case, so be wary when you see these claims.

For most players it will be about appearance of whether they play rusted clubs or normal chrome or satin finished clubs. As with everything in golf, it comes down to personal choice and everyone has a different opinion.