Your golf grips will degrade over a period of time regardless of whether you play every week or once a year. Ozone, oil from your hands and dirt will all cause them to lose there effectiveness.

The traction that a fresh grip provides will help you to keep control of the club throughout your shot.

This added traction will also help to improve your swing mechanics, as a worn grip will cause you to over grip the club too tightly and result in unwanted muscle tension in the hands and forearms.

This increased muscle tension will lead to a reduction of correct wrist hinge in the back swing and reduce club head speed on the through swing.

I’m sure you don’t want to hit the ball shorter and less accurate just because your grips are worn!

As your grips will become worn over a fairly long period of time, most of us don’t notice their bad condition until its too late. Make a point of getting your grips replaced at the start of every season.

Depending on the type of grips you use or how much you play this change might need to be more frequent.

For example grips with a softer compound will wear much faster than ones with a full cord.

A fresh putter grip is also extremely important.

This is the club that you will use most and as a result it will lose its tackiness quite quickly.

Again this lack of tackiness will then lead to a change in your grip pressure to keep control of the putter, changing your stroke mechanics and subsequently you miss more putts!

If you are going to wash your clubs, wash the grips at the same time to keep as much dirt and debris off them as possible. This will keep them as tacky as possible and prolong their life, saving you money.

When you do need to re-grip your clubs make sure you choose a grip that suits your game, there are plenty to choose from.

Some that feel soft, some much firmer and even some with markings on them to help you to position your hands correctly.

Go ahead and bring your clubs back to life with some fresh grips and shoot lower scores!

Happy Golfing,