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Why Do Golfers Putt Without A Glove?


Whether putting or taking a swing for a golf shot, you really don’t need to wear gloves.

Both Putting and hitting golf shots require precise movement of the club in your hands; but it’s not like playing an entire round with one on would be too cumbersome for either task.

The main reason for golfers not wearing a glove while putting is because it helps improve their touch.

I’ve heard it said that Tour pros imagine that the glove acts as a barrier between the millions of nerve endings in their fingers and hands and the putter, and it reduces their feel and their ability to drain tricky putts, so they don’t wear a glove while putting.

However, if wearing them has become part of your routine then by all means stick with that approach.

How Often Should you Change Your Golf Glove


As I’ve already said, wearing a glove is not a requirement to be able to play the game.

However playing without gloves is probably not a good idea for beginners as they often grip the club too tightly and it can result in a few blisters on the thumb and palm.

If you do grip the club too tightly, gloves will protect your hands from blisters, as the club slides up and down your hands, the rubber causes friction which over time can make your hands become a bit beat up.

If you are someone who does grip too tightly then I recommend checking out the article I wrote about How to Grip A Golf Club

Also when you are playing in hot, humid conditions, it is difficult to prevent the club from slipping.

When the grip is slippery, there tends to be more tension in the hands and arms, which is not a good thing.  So wearing a glove can help lead to a more stable, controlled swing.

Our hands are simply not as good as the material used in golf gloves and they can help you get a good grip without having to squeeze too hard. 

How Long Do Golf Gloves Last?

Golfers typically get about 10 rounds out of their gloves before there’s noticeable wear on them.

Obviously the number of balls you hit will have an affect on the life of your golf gloves. If you’re at the driving range a lot, it will reduce the life span accordingly.

After that point, the grip of the glove is reduced significantly and performance suffers.

It is recommended that after 10 rounds, you replace your glove with another new one for optimum performance in your game!

How Often Do Tour Pros Change Their Gloves

Some Tour professionals will change their gloves several times during a round of golf. The frequency will often depend on the weather and conditions they are experiencing during the round.

When Should You Throw Away Golf Gloves

If your glove has a hole in the palm or if it is too dirty, replace it.

It might even happen that you work through multiple gloves during one season because they get wet from rain and perspiration.

Gloves can become worn after getting soaked repeatedly with dry and wet cycles as well.

Should You Keep Your Glove On When Putting?

If you do wear a glove I would recommend taking it off when you get to the green. 

Most golfers who wear a glove will remove it when they are Putting on the green. Putting is all about judging line and pace and it’s much easier to do this when you can feel the club with your hands, as putting is all about feel.

Although I have seen quite a few higher handicap players leave them on all the time. They wear them on the tee, the fairway and the green, perhaps even in the bar.

And meanwhile, you can let your glove breathe a little, which will also improve the durability of the glove. Although I’m not sure there is any real evidence to support that, it just seems to make sense.

There is no right or wrong way. It is, again, a matter of preference.

So whether you take off your glove when you approach the green is up to you. 

If you’re just starting to play golf I would suggest you start off with a glove and see how it feels.

If wearing one works for you that’s great. if it feels uncomfortable, you can then try to play without one.

It sometimes take a little while to get used to using them.

Have a go and find out what works for you.