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What Is A Par 3 Golf Course


If you are new to golf, or just fancy playing a quicker round of golf, then a Par 3 Course may be just right for you

A Par 3 Golf Course is typically quite short, and requires the player to take no more than three shots per hole. These shorter courses benefit both the players and owners because it takes less time to play, less time to maintain and the costs for both parties is usually less than a regular golf course.

I’m going to look at why you might want to play a Par 3 course

UK AM Golf Tour Par 3 Championship at Nailcote Hall 22 August 2020

What are the Player benefits of a Par 3 golf course?

From a golfers perspective, it takes much less time to play on a par 3 course than it does on a normal golf course.

This is because the length of the course is generally much shorter, due to the fact that all the holes are Par 3’s. There is often less walking involved between the green and on to the next tee.

Because the holes are shorter there is usually no need to hit a driver so players can improve their iron and hybrid play.

A Par 3 golf course is a great place for a beginner to learn to play the game, because there is not so much of an emphasis on on hitting long distance shots.

A Par 3 golf course is also a great place to practice your short game. While most part 3 courses are quite short, they can still present you with difficult shots if you were to miss your shot in the wrong places.

I played regularly at Blunsdon House Hotel in Wiltshire, which is a very nice par 3 Golf Course, and If you missed the greens, then the up-and-down shots were quite testing. It definitely improved my short game. Lot’s of flop shots required.

The cost to play a Par 3 course is typically much less as well, which is always a good thing in a sport that can cost a lot of money to take part in

Nailcote Hall host UK AM Golf Tour Par 3 champs on 22 August 2020

What are the Owner benefits of a Par 3 golf course?

From an owner’s point of view, the cost of the land and the upkeep of the golf course costs considerably less as well, and in turn, the amount of time and effort required to present the golf course in a good condition is much less than it would be on a regular Golf Course.

This means, with less ground to cover, it’s easier to present a golf course in great condition, although it usually goes hand in hand that there are less Green-Keepers or grounds staff working to maintain the course.

As always everything comes down to money.

What Makes A Hole A Par 3?

Par is determined by the playing length of the hole from the tee boxes to the green.

Par 3 holes range in length from sometimes less than 100 yards up to the maximum of 250 yards for men and 210 yards for Women

A par 3 suggest that you should be able to tee off and get the ball in the hole in three shots.

Two of these shots are reserved for the putting green, so the expectation is that the Golfer will get on the green in one shot and then take two putts for a regulation par on each hole.

On average it will take 8 minutes for a two-ball to play a Par 3 Hole. 9 mins for a 3-ball and 10 mins for a 4-ball

The Most Fun Par 3 Course I Have Played

Castell Coch Golf Club

The most fun Par 3 course I have played is in a place called Castell Coch Golf Course, in Taffs Well in Wales.

I used to work in a business centre next door to it, so I would try and have a cheeky round during my lunch break, as I did this as often as I could in the summer months.

The Par 3 Course I Would Like To Play

I would like to play a round at Nailcote Hall which is home of the British Par 3 Championship.

We had it booked in on our Fore King Golf tour schedule for 2020 but sadly the Covid lock-downs got in the way and it’s currently on hold. Not sure when we’ll get to it, but I hope to.

nailcote hall golf course layout

Nailcote Hall The Cromwell Par 3 Course

As all the pro’s say ‘drive for show – putt for dough!’

This fabulous nine-hole golf course has been cleverly designed to ensure it is perfect for beginners, whilst at the same time providing the most experienced golfers with a tough test of their short game.

Enjoying all the hazards of a full scale course, including ditches, water, elevated greens and no less than twenty-three bunkers, the only thing missing is that first long drive.

Offering the privacy that new players often seek, the Cromwell Course is perfect for golfers of all abilities.

I have been to watch a couple of times to support my mate Matt Mumford who has played in the pro event a couple of events.

This is also where I had my picture taken with one of the many celebrities that were there on the day

Steve King of Fore King Golf With The Honey Monster At The British Par 3 Championships

In case you’re wondering, I’m the one in Red!

Happy Golfing