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One of the easiest ways to get more enjoyment from the game is by playing better.

Whatever your level or reason for playing golf our mission is to help you get more enjoyment from your game.

We aim to do this by dispelling the myths of the game, by providing solid coaching that WILL benefit your game, irrespective of your playing ability.

There’s a ton of stuff that will help players who have been playing for a while and who just want to revisit the basics.

The most important part of this is to remember it’s a game and it’s supposed to be fun.

So don’t beat yourself up and remember to enjoy the good shots.

We really hope you enjoy your stay and if you do I hope you will tell your buddies to come take a look too

Play well and enjoy your golf

Manor House Golf Club Hole 7

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kendleshire 18th green

How To Grip The Golf Club

The Grip is the life blood of your swing.  It’s the only point of contact between your body and the club.


kendleshire 18th green

Ball Position In The Stance

The Golf ball position in relation to your stance plays a vital role in the overall performance of your shot.


kendleshire 18th green

Do You Always Use A Tee

There are many benefits to using a tee, the most important is that is gives you a chance to have a perfect lie for your tee shots.

Meet Steve Fore King

I love playing golf myself and I am very competitive by nature, but no matter how well I’ve played, like most golfers, I always feel like I’ve left some shots out there on the course, which does bring out the F word from time to time (FORE!)

I have played off single figures for the last 20 years but like most golfers have good days and bad days.  

Steve’s aim with this website is to help beginner and high handicap golfers improve their game with free online golf lessons delivered by a PGA Professional.

I promise we can help you improve all areas of your game so you begin to LOVE the game again.

Steve King Teeing Off On The Trilby Tour At Frilford Heath Golf Club


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Ping G400 Driver and Headcover laying on grass

Best Driver For Beginner Golfers (Complete Guide)

Beginner Golfers have a lot to think about when they first start playing and choosing their first Driver is often one of the biggest decisions they will need to make. 

Golf Clubs

Ping G400 Driver and Headcover laying on grass

Can You Play Golf With Just Irons? (Pros & Cons)

If you’re a golfer who has been struggling with your game, it might be time to consider playing Golf with just irons.

GOLF Clubs

Ping G400 Driver and Headcover laying on grass

Why Is The Driver The Hardest Club To Hit

For many higher handicap players, hitting driver off the first tee is often the hardest and most nerve-wracking aspect of the game.