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2000 Vijay Singh Wins the Masters


Watch the complete final round broadcast of the 2000 Masters. Vijay Singh wins by a margin of three strokes over Ernie Els.

Vijay Singh’s Triumph at the 2000 Masters: A Legendary Victory

The 2000 Masters Tournament stands as a pivotal moment in golf history, etching itself into the annals of the sport.

Held at the hallowed grounds of the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, this tournament marked the 64th edition of the Masters.

The event unfolded from April 6th to 9th and witnessed Vijay Singh’s remarkable victory, securing his place in golf’s pantheon of greats. 

The Road to Glory

Vijay Singh, a Fijian golf sensation, entered the 2000 Masters determined to etch his name on the coveted Green Jacket.

Prior to this victory, Singh had already established himself as a formidable force in the golfing world.

However, a Masters win had eluded him until this defining moment.

The tournament saw Singh’s unwavering commitment and unmatched skill shine through.

With each swing of the club, he showcased his prowess, leaving spectators in awe. Singh’s precise shots and unwavering focus propelled him to the forefront of the competition.

The Thrilling Showdown

As the final rounds of the 2000 Masters unfolded, the world watched in anticipation of a spectacular showdown.

The leaderboards were buzzing with excitement, and the tension on the course was palpable.

Vijay Singh found himself in a gripping battle with the talented Ernie Els.

In the end, Singh emerged victorious, claiming the coveted Green Jacket.

He finished the tournament three strokes ahead of Ernie Els, firmly cementing his place in golf history.

This victory marked the second major title of Singh’s illustrious career, a testament to his skill and dedication.

A Moment of Triumph

The 2000 Masters Tournament was a moment of triumph not only for Vijay Singh but for golf enthusiasts around the world.

It showcased the resilience and determination that define the sport.

Singh’s journey to the top was a testament to his unwavering commitment to the game and his unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

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