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Ultimate Pairs #1 Results


Sunday 22nd saw the hottest day of the year so far as 25 teams battled over 27 holes at Brinkworth Golf Club in Steve’s Ultimate Pairs Competition.

The competition was played in mixed formats – Foursomes, Greensomes & Better Ball, with teams playing all three rounds over the much harder back 9.

There were also some other optional competitions with nearest the pin in 2 on 17 and nearest the pin on 18 on all three laps. Prizes were awarded to both players of the winning pair – just to add a bit more spice to the shots. If any teams were equal then all teams won a prize.

Rich and Steve put up nearly £700 of pro shop prizes and Ross allowed everyone to play for just £10 – another bargain coming out of Woodbridge Park.

The competition kicked off with the hardest format first – Foursomes

What is Foresomes

Playing as a pair, players take alternate shots using the same golf ball. One player tees off on the even numbered holes and the other tees off on the odd numbered holes. Foursomes is the most difficult of the formats played by pairs. It requires a bit more use of your brain as you also have to think about how to help your partner play well, on top of playing well yourself.

Foursomes Result

An excellent start to the competition with a very impressive start from Terry & Ronny (Woodbridge), with Tom & David (Woodbridge) and Roger Chequer & Steve MacKenzie (Wrag Barn) taking the early lead.

Foursomes Prize Winners – Team Prizes
Nearest The Pin in 2 – John Mac & Dave Hammond (Woodbridge)
Nearest The Pin – Lewis Ward & Matt Mumford (Wrag Barn) “Excellent shot Lewis”

The players now had around 45 minutes before they were due to play their next rounds, so in theory they would be able to chill out and enjoy the sunshine and watch some of the near pin competitions as they could be seen from the bar. unfortunately the weather over the previous months had made things a little tricky as the rough was very much ‘up’ (although nothing like The Open which was being enjoyed in the clubhouse) and it made finding errant shots a little more tricky and took longer. The majority of players had a quick 10 minute break and then went off to play some Greensomes.

How does Greensomes Work?

Playing as a pair, players will both tee off using a ball each. they then choose the ball that is lying in the best position for the next shot.* once selected this ball is then played until the hole is completed with players, again as in foursomes, taking alternate shots using the same golf ball.

*Hint: This is not always a case of choosing the longest drive

Greensomes Prize Winners – Team Prizes
Nearest The Pin in 2 – Terry Cox & Ronny Kallmeier (Woodbridge)
Nearest The Pin – Denis LaTouche & Andy Buck (Broome Manor)

An excellent round of par coming from Wrag Barn’s Matt Mumford & Lewis Ward and another consistent +2 round coming from Tom Dingwall & David Langley-Hobbs, things were shaping up nicely for the last round

Co-incidentally Matt has just become Wiltshire County Foursomes Champion along with his partner Henry Pallas posting a second round 70 to add to their morning 73 to beat their rivals by 4 clear shots. Good skills guys – Congratulations!

Thanks to some good planning from Steve the players now had over an hour to grab some refreshments, relax and talk about all the shots they’d left out on the course and see if they’d got the bragging rights over their mates. (some of the banter we hear makes you wonder if some people may need a few more lessons or should think about getting a tennis racket)

During the day we were lucky enough to Ian Lafferty from Club-Clean on hand

Ian from Club-Clean kindly came along the event and was on hand to clean the clubs of anyone who understood the benefit.

Ian also ran a draw to win a four ball with Rich & Steve at a prestigious Marriott/DeVere golf course –

The winner was Woodbridge Park Senior Captain Tom Dingwall

So on to the final round. With only a few shots between the winning teams it should now be time for the teams to go low as they were now playing the easiest format of the day Better Ball.

How does 4 Ball Better Ball Work?

Playing as a pair, players will both play each hole with their own ball and then choose the lowest NET score as their Team score.

4BBB Prize Winners – Individual Prizes
Nearest The Pin in 2 – Shane Minnis 9.5″ and Andy Littleford 9.5″
Nearest The Pin – Matt Mumford

Some very impressive scores, notably, two teams shooting -7 under for the last lap. A big turn around from their showing in the foursomes Robert & William ripped the back nine apart. Shooting the same low score Matt and Lewis wiped out their +7 overall score and went back to level par.

There were a few others still in the hunt for the overall prizes but unfortunately they came up just shy. Terry & Ronny (slipped to 5th) and Roger & Steve (finished 3rd) – congratulations to you all

One of the standout pairs of the day were Club Greenkeeper Chris Bell (6) and Andy Littleford (9) Andy was off 17 last year. They received the least amount of shots on the day and despite some unusual team tactics (telling each other how crap they are) they finished a credible 5th on +4 – although Andy did win £50 of pro-shop vouchers & promptly cashed it in for some Srixon Z Star’s.

Not to be out done by Matt & Lewis, Tom & David who had been the most consistent players all day, shot an impressive -4 under to also return their scores to level par. As Steve was running the competition and he has never been a fan of count back he had planned it so we had a play off. But before we get that far here are the overall scores and standings:

Meet the playoff Teams

Matt is the 2012 Wiltshire Junior Captain and currently plays off 0.8 and his partner Lewis who plays off 22 (Lewis is just 12 by the way and one of the nicest people you could wish to meet – he’s going to be a top golfer too!)

Tom (Senior Club Captain) plays off 18 and David (who gave Fennel, his dog, the day off) plays off 16 and is at the course nearly everyday playing

The Play Off

The play off was set, with around fifty spectators all now stating to get stuck into the BBQ and the Beer, the competitors made their way back to the 18th tee.

This was now a better ball par 3. In the event of a tie one player from each team would go back to the tee to play nearest the pin with the ball on the green. In the event both players missed the green the other two players would play nearest the pin regardless of where the ball finished.

All four players hit their tee shots – and after a great day of playing – they all missed the green.

it was now a chipping contest from out of the rough on to our finest temporary green – not easy in anyone’s book.

for a few minutes the players were looking at each other trying to work out who was to go first, they were advised they were only playing for an umbrella which seemed to break the tension.

Lewis chipped onto the green. Matt chipped onto the green. David chipped onto the green. Tom chipped onto the green. Exciting stuff.

David, Lewis and Tom all missed their par putts, which set up Matt to sink an eight footer to win the overall prize…a bit of suspense for the crowd, who were starting to feel the pressure of 27 holes but they all soon cheered as Matty sunk the putt and he and Lewis became the 2012 Woodbridge Park Pairs Champions.

Congratulations to David & Tom for a brave battle and for finishing 2nd

Everyone retired the bar to see Ernie win the Open and then Rich & Steve gave away lots of golfing goodies.

Many thanks to Ceri and Cheryl for running the bar and food in the morning, to Ian for cleaning the clubs all day and to Ross for allowing us to close half the course for the day.

Congratulations to all who took part and thanks for making it a great day!

Happy Golfing

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