The Ultimate Pairs 2020 (Cancelled)

by Steve | Last Updated: 31 August 2019

The Fore King Golf Tour is closed during these not so Happy Days!

We are currently aiming to be back in 2021

Welcome to our Flagship Team Event ‘The Ultimate Pairs’

Ultimate Pairs is a true test of both golfing ability and patience with your playing partner, as both will get tested throughout a tough 36 hole challenge.

The competition is played in mixed formats

Played over 36 holes, each Team will battle through 9 holes of Betterball, 9 holes of Greensomes, 9 holes of Foursomes and 9 holes of Texas Scramble.

At the end of the 36 Holes, we will have our Ultimate Pairs Champions and the Winners will qualify for the end of season Tour Champs

We have run this competition before and players have told us how much they looked forward to playing the challenging format, so we are delighted to be able to return it to the schedule in 2020.

Date: Friday 25 September 2020


Venue: The Players Club

The Players Club, Codrington, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol, BS37 6RZ
Tel; 01454 313029   Club Website

We will be playing on both the clubs courses, the Codrington which is designed to test you, thrill you and frustrate you in equal measure and the Stranahan course which requires more of a positional style of play and is ideal for higher handicappers, ladies and seniors.

Competition Format

Better Ball – Front 9 Stranahan

Playing as a pair, both players will play normal golf on each hole, using their own ball

They will choose the lowest NET score as their Team score.

Foursomes – Back 9 Stranahan

Playing as a pair, players take alternate shots using the same golf ball.  Foursomes really is no more complicated than that.

Each player in each pair hits every other shot, so if one hits the tee shot, the other plays the second shot and they then alternate on every shot until their ball is holed out.

One player tees off on the even numbered holes and the other tees off on the odd numbered holes.

Should the pair have to play a provisional ball or another ball at any point, again it is whoever didn’t hit the original shot who will play again from the tee or wherever it was played from.

Foursomes is the most difficult of the formats played by pairs.

It requires a bit more use of your brain as you also have to think about how to help your partner play well, on top of playing well yourself.

Greensomes – Front 9 Codrington

Playing as a pair, both players will tee off using a ball each.

They will then choose the ball that is lying in the best position for the next shot.

Once selected this ball is then played until the hole is completed with players, again as in foursomes, taking alternate shots using the same golf ball.

*Hint: This is not always a case of just choosing the longest drive

Texas Scramble  – Back 9 Codrington

In Texas Scramble both players tee off, then one of these drives is chosen to be used for the next shot and both players play a shot from where the chosen drive ended up.

From these second shots, one is chosen and both players play a third shot from there, and so on until the ball is holed.

Each Pair returns one score for each hole

How to place a ball in Texas Scramble

After choosing the more suitable tee-shot, both players play again, firstly the one whose ball was chosen and from the spot where the ball came to rest, then the other plays by placing their ball within one card length from that spot, but no closer to the green.

Exception: When the chosen ball was played from a bunker.

In this case the lie can be reconstructed after the first player hits it so that the other team member may fairly play their next shot.

Handicap Allowances

All handicaps are then divided by 2 as we adjust for 9 holes for each format

If both players have the same handicap, then it will be 50% of the combined handicaps for Greensomes, again divided by 2 as we adjust for 9 holes.


This is a winner takes all competition

The Winners of the Ultimate Pairs will qualify for the Tour Champs

Runners-up – not this time, there’s no points for second place.

In the event of a tie – there will be a play off

Competition Schedule:

If you would like to book a buggy, please speak with the club directly

Please make yourself familiar with the Tour Rules

About The Players Club

Situated just one mile from junction 18 of the M4 (Bristol/Bath) on the outskirts of Bristol bordering Wiltshire and Gloucestershire ‘The Players Club’ is dedicated to the game of golf.

Fore King Golf Tour Champs at The Players Club

With two 18 hole courses, a 9 hole Par 3 course and together with first class practice facilities it has become home to many golf professionals competing on the European tours.

The Club have staged nine SKY televised EuroPro Tour events, eleven Stage 1 EuroPro Q School Events, seven West Region PGA Championships and the English Over 48’s championship three times, as well as regional finals for many top amateur and professional events.

In 2019 the Club held stage 1 of the European Tour Q-School for the second time.

In 2020 the Club will host the UK AM Golf Tour Champs for the first time.

The club opened in 2002 and was quickly ranked 113 in  the Golf World 2006 ‘Best Courses in Great Britain and Ireland’. All the courses have been built to the finest specifications with USGA greens, fairway irrigation and a rich landscape with woodland, lakes and gorse all coming into play.

The courses are designed by Adrian Stiff who also designed highly rated neighbours Cumberwell Park and The Kendleshire.

The flagship course, the Codrington course, is designed to test you, thrill you and frustrate you in equal measure, with the Stranahan course requiring positional play and is ideal for higher handicappers, ladies and seniors.

Steve King, the founder of Fore King Golf, started playing golf at the tender age of 29, after years spent playing many other sports and getting dodgy knees. Although late to the game, Steve soon fell in love with the sport and found himself, like many others, addicted to the pursuit of improvement and playing better. He is currently a member of The Kendleshire Golf Club & Hercules Golf Society, as well as running several competitions for Fore King Golf