The Transition Needed For Much Longer Drives

The Transition Needed For Much Longer Drives
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Below I have a free sample article from the Long Game Mastery Program.

That program is a proven, step-by-step program to help you build an effortless, smooth and powerful golf swing, just like a pro. And most of the instructions in this program can be done inside at home.

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Just so you know…

The Long Game Mastery program consists of 34 lessons, over 250 pictures and over 52 videos. But this program is not a bunch of random tips thrown together, which a lot of other golf websites seem to be offering.


This program starts at the grip in lesson 1, and gives you one new thing each lesson, given in a systematic order, so that by the end of the 34th lesson you will have a great golf swing that you can rely on for…

  • More Distance
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Greater Ball Striking Consistency

This program is the most systematic way for you to build a great golf swing… like a pro. It walks you through everything needed for you to create a great, professional quality golf swing.

Up until this point, golfers that have been through this program have been drip fed one new lesson each week… taking a total of 9 months to go through this entire program at a cost of up to $333.

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Ok, now here is a sample from this step-by-step program…

Transition For Longer Drives from The Long Game Mastery Program

The transition is the START of you finding amazing power in your golf swing, that you never thought existed or was even possible!

And this amazing power will come with much greater accuracy too. So if you’re still suffering with a fade/slice or any other directional problem, the next 7 lessons are going to be of huge help to you.

Now hearing this may give you the impression that the backswing lessons you’ve been following have been of little value.

But that could not be further from the truth.

Because if that was true you’d have professional golfers simply setting up to a ball, lifting the club up and positioning it perfectly at the top of the backswing, and swinging down from this perfect top of the backswing position.

Of course that doesn’t happen and never will.


Because it’s the transition from the backswing to the downswing where the majority of the power in the golf swing comes from. And the better your backswing the easier it is to make a great transition to the downswing — giving you more power and accuracy!

You see, everything you’ve done until this point has been setting the stage for the transition. And what separates the great ball strikers from the average ones is the quality of the transition.

So for you to become a great ball striker this is one aspect of your golf swing that you’re going to have to really spend some time practicing. But remember, the pay off for doing this is huge i.e….

Longer and More Accurate Golf Shots!

Now like everything where only a small percentage are successful, the great ball strikers have spent a lot of practice time perfecting their transition from backswing to downswing.

And to be completely honest with you, the transition is the hardest move in the golf swing to perfect.

The reason for this is obvious.

During your swing, for a brief second your upper body should be completing the backswing while your lower body is starting to move towards the target. So to complete the transition successfully you should have two main segments of your body (upper and lower) going in different directions.

I know that sounds hard….and that’s because it is!

But it’s doable and I’m going to show you how you’re going to learn this in the following lessons.

And when you “get it” you’re going to get so much more enjoyment from this game due to the extra distance and accuracy you’ll gain…you’re going to love it!

Now if you’ve ever taken part in any other sport that requires kicking (e.g. soccer), throwing (e.g. baseball), hitting (e.g. tennis) you would’ve experienced the transition move that is needed in the golf swing. And one move that almost every one can relate a transition to is the action of throwing a ball.

So if you wanted to throw a golf ball as far as you possibly could down the fairway would you?:

a) shift your weight to your back foot as you’re taking the ball back and then shift the weight to your front foot to throw the ball,


b) keep your weight evenly distributed the entire time you’re throwing the ball.

I hope you picked “A” because that’s what any athlete would do to throw a ball as far and fast as possible.

Just take a look at a baseball pitcher for example. When they pitch they move their weight to the back foot. And they do this so much so that they lift their front foot up high.

Then to change directions they shift their weight aggressively to their front foot and keep moving all of their weight so that at the end of the pitch basically all of their weight is on their front foot.

Now that’s a great example of a powerful transition!

And if baseball pitchers didn’t shift their weight back and forth so much they could not do the fast pitches that they do. That example of the baseball pitcher leads nicely into this drill, as you’ll soon see.

During the transition from backswing to downswing you must let the club follow the lead from the rest of the body because the club is the last thing to move in the transition.

Here is the sequential order of things that should be moving back towards the target during the transition:

  1. Feet
  2. Legs
  3. Hips
  4. Shoulders
  5. Arms
  6. Club

So when your club is just about at the top of your backswing you want to then start transferring the weight aggressively back to your left foot.

By doing this it means that for a fraction of a second your backswing is being completed but your lower body is moving towards the target.

Again, this transition happens from the ground up. And in today’s lesson you’re going to discover a great drill that will help you to learn the correct weight transfer during the transition.

When you do….watch out! You’re going to find some serious power in your swing.

That was a sample from the Long Game Improvement program that is on special offer and that you can see here..

Check out what this golfer had to say after completing this program:

“After completing this program my golf swing has vastly improved. Playing partners are asking me what I have been doing because my swing looks a lot better and my shots are going further and a lot straighter.

I am very happy to have completed this program as I have been guilty of going from one thing to another with very little to show for it.

I am very fanatical about keeping my game stats and I can tell you that since starting and completing this program my scores are on average 7.4 lower than before I started.

The instructions I was given each week were very easy to follow and implement. I have never seen a swing improvement program that has such high quality instruction in it.

Thanks for all your help and I look forward to improving other facets of my golf game as much, with your help.”Scott Calso, California, USA

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