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The Rules of Golf

All of our competitions will be run in accordance with ‘the Rules of Golf’ as laid down by the R&A and also any local rules of the golf courses visited.

Tour Championship

Throughout the season players will be playing for order of merit points that will allow them to compete for a place at the end of season Tour Champs, which will be held at The Players Club in Bristol, in October 2021.

The following competitors will automatically qualify for the Tour Champs:

  • The winner in each of the Tour Majors (subject to automatic qualification criteria)
  • The top 10 in the final Order of Merit

If any competitor winning a Tour Major, (who is eligible for the automatic place in the Tour Champs) also finishes in the top 10 then the next competitor on the Order of Merit will qualify for the Tour Champs.

Which means if the Major winners are all in the top 10, then 14th place will also qualify.

The winners of the Ultimate Pairs will also qualify for the Tour Champs.

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Order Of Merit

An Order of Merit will be established for each year and will determine the competitors in the end of season Tour Champs.

For Tour Events

Merit points are awarded on the basis of 40 to the winner, 39 for 2nd, 38 for 3rd and so on.

At each event the Top 40 players will receive Order of Merit points.

After the 40th place these players will be deemed to have missed the cut and one point will be given.

For Tour Majors an additional 10 Merit points are awarded to the top 10 players.

Order of Merit points are given on an individual basis and only in Singles events from 2020 Season.

Any tied scores will be decided by a card play off over the last nine holes as they appear on the scorecard. Merit points will then be issued based on finishing position.

The final order of merit will be established after all the events in that year’s tour schedule have been played.

To be eligible for merit points, a competitor must be a current member of the Amateur Golf Tour for which the annual fee is £40 and runs for 12 months from 1st January each year.

Please see Membership details for more information.

New competitors must join the Tour before their first event if they wish to be eligible for merit points from that event. Order of merit points will not be allocated retrospectively.

Tour Majors

Certain events are designated as Tour Majors and the winner will automatically qualify for the end of season Tour Championship.

To be eligible to accept this prize a competitor playing in their first season on the Tour must play in at least 3 events on the Tour before the Tour Championship.

If a competitor does not comply with the above they will not be eligible for the automatic place in the Tour Championship and the space will go to the next qualifying player in the order of merit.

Competition Formats

The playing format for the Tour Majors and the Tour Champs is ‘Net Strokeplay’ with a full handicap allowance, off the White Tees (where permitted)

The playing format for other Tour Events is Stableford with full handicap allowance off the yellow tees.

Play will generally be in 3 or 4 balls, depending on tee availability and number of entries.

Handicap Requirements

All competitors must have a current handicap issued by a CONGU affiliated golf club.

Competitors taking part in their first event will be asked to provide a current handicap certificate prior to the day.

You will then be issued a Tour Handicap, which will initially be identical to your CONGU handicap.  This will change according to your Tour performances.

The maximum playing handicaps will be 28 for men and 36 for ladies

But What If you don’t have a CONGU handicap?

B Division

We need to get an idea of what level you play at so we ask to see 3 recent cards.

If you don’t have 3 cards to submit you are welcome to enter 3 events as a B Division player. During these events your card will be marked by a player with a Tour Handicap.

Your handicap will then be issued based on those three cards submitted to the Tour.

Until those cards are completed, new members may only take part and win the Nearest Pins (subject to paying the £5 entry fee) and win the first prize for B Division Players.

Order of Merit points can only be earned by Main tour players.

once the three cards are complete and the players handicap is issued you will automatically be moved in to the Main Tour.

Competitor Event Info

Each competitor will receive an email informing them that the draw and competitor information are ready to view online.

Pace Of Play

All golfers are required to maintain a good pace of play by keeping up with the group in front. (and not just ahead of the group behind)

If your group falls behind or it is clear that the following group are playing at a faster pace, you should invite the group to play through.

If you think your ball may be lost or hard to find, you should play a provisional ball.

Be ready to play when it is your turn.

When you have finished a hole, clear the green quickly. Mark your card on the next tee and not on or beside the green.

Your co-operation in following these simple rules will avoid any potentially embarrassing confrontations with club staff or their members

GPS Range Finding Equipment

The use of GPS, Smart Phone and laser range finding equipment which only measures distance is permitted.

Any device that provides additional information such as wind speed/direction and distance taking into account gradient is in breach of the Rules of Golf and therefor not permitted.

Smart Phone’s may not be permitted if that is the ruling of the golf club.

Caddies & Buggys

The use of buggies is permitted in the events where they are available for hire.

If you wish to hire a buggy please speak directly with the Golf Club.

Caddies are permitted at any of the events and the competitor is fully responsible for their conduct.

Event Entry & Payment Info

Payment for events should be made online. – full details are listed on each event page

Players can also make bank transfers by paying the full amount.  Please contact Steve for bank details.

No refunds will be given once entry has been confirmed with the golf club.

Refunds are also subject to ‘payment processors fees’, meaning if the tour is charged a fee for receiving your payment and you subsequently request a refund, those fees will be deducted from your refund amount.

In order to treat everyone fairly no exceptions will be made.

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