What’s the one thing all golfers want more than anything else?  That’s right.  To lower their golf scores.  But they want to do it easily and quickly.   In this article I will show you three surefire ways to lower your score fast.  But I warn you that what you’re about to learn are not some crazy, unknown secrets.

In fact, these tips are the opposite.  They’re ones you’ve probably heard before but since they weren’t some cool new fad you ignored them.  Please understand these are the three most important golf swing fundamentals that you must perfect if you want to lower your scores fast.

Club Fitting
One of the most important things that almost every golfer discounts is getting a proper fitting for your golf clubs.  Every day I go to the course I see people trying to play with clubs that are too short, too long or the lie angle is incorrect.

By simply getting fitted for your clubs you can immediately lower your scores.  You can literally do it overnight.  Why? Because you can use your natural golf swing to strike the ball more solidly and with much more consistency.

Another common mistake is a golfer that does not hold the club properly in their hands.  Now it is a little difficult to go through all the details of the golf grip in this article but please understand by gripping the club properly you will at least set your self up to be successful from the start.  When you grip it incorrectly it makes it almost impossible to strike the ball well.

You can use an interlocking, overlap or baseball grip. Use a grip that feels best for you but be sure you do it the right way.

Finally, another simple but common mistake I see. I can’t tell you how many times I golf with people that do not know how to aim correctly. Nine times out of ten the golfers I see are aligned too far left or right.

Most of the time this is caused because they do not first stand behind their ball to get a proper alignment from the start. They simply step up and hit it. Don’t do this. Make it a part of your pre-shot routine to stand behind the ball first so you can give yourself a better chance of aiming in the right direction.

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