The Value of a Playing Lesson

Most golfers have had a lesson or two in their playing careers, some have regular lessons and some golfers have had no lessons at all and will probably never have a lesson at all, which is a shame because we know how valuable they can be.

It is very common for golfers to ask me what I coach during a playing lesson.  It’s an area of the game that can be easily overlooked which can save you shots.  

It is all very well having a good solid swing, but you need to map your way round the course and put yourself in great positions on each hole, having the best possible chance of making a good score.

As a Coach it it very easy to assume that even the good golfers I coach think like I do.  

There is a lot of information to absorb when assessing the shot in hand which may change your view or plan of the hole.

Learning to think and assess the shot correctly is vital if you want to lower your scores.