We are very happy to try our best to comply with all of the regulations around the world.  The Internet is an ever changing environment and there will always be people who try to get the upper hand on others.

Put less politely – SCAM ARTISTS | CON MEN – for the record We are NOT one of them.

We will make recommendations from time to time, and some of these recommendations will earn us a commission if you choose to buy the product or service.

More often than not we will provide additional help and support with any promotion that we do.  If you have any problems with any product or service that we recommend, we would ask you to let us help you sort things out.

We are happy to do this at any time.  This is an easy thing for us to do as we do not promote what we consider to be rubbish products.
Read the blog and you’ll get a feel for how we do things and you are always welcome to drop us an email anytime you need clarification.

Hope it all makes sense and Happy Golfing


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