Stretch Your Way To Better Golf

static stretch for the whole length

Static Stretch For Your Whole Length

Having good mobility is key to being able to hit consistent powerful golf shots. You will also benefit in day to day life too if you can become less stiff in your muscle groups.

static stretch for the tricep muscles

Static Stretch For The Tricep Muscles

The role of the triceps in the golf swing is important. As you reach the impact position your right arm straightens and the triceps help transfer the energy from your body through to your arms, which in turn passes on through the golf club.

static stretch for the glutes

Static Stretch For The Glutes

In the Golf Swing the Glutes act as a stabiliser for the pelvis. and strong glutes help with stability through out the swing and also with ground force from through your legs.

static stretch for the calf muscle

Static Stretch For The Calf Muscle

It’s very easy to pull a calf muscle when you’re playing golf, especially if you are walking around a hilly course which has the odd ‘cardiac hill’ to negotiate.