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Should You Buy A Complete Set Of Golf Clubs


If you’re looking to get new equipment, you may be wondering should you buy a complete set of golf clubs from the same brand or just get what works for you, regardless of make?

If you don’t know much about the sport, then buying a complete set of golf clubs may be too expensive and overwhelming.

But if you know your game and know what you’re looking for then it’s better to get custom fit for the specific club you are looking to buy.

A lot of people wonder if they should buy a complete set or not.

It often depends on what kind of golfer you are and what you want for your equipment.

If You’re New To Golf

If you’re just starting out, it might be a good idea to buy a set of clubs that are all the same make.

This will help with consistency and learning how each club performs.

You can also find sets that come with a bag, balls, tees and other accessories for an even better value.

Most golf pro shops and retail stores sell Box Sets which is usually a full set of clubs and a bag, these type of sets are usually geared towards beginners or juniors and often cost much less, often saving you hundreds.

Once you know what brand works best for your game then buying individual clubs is okay too!

But if you’re not sure which type of club is right for your swing or level of play, we recommend getting a complete set so that everything matches up nicely and feels comfortable in your hands.

Plus it looks really nice in the bag.

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If you’ve been playing golf for a while

You’ve been playing golf for a while and you think it might be time to upgrade your equipment.

If you buy every club differently and don’t need to have anything altered, you can run into inconsistencies.

For instance, let’s say you bought your irons 5 years ago, but now decide you need to buy a new 7-wood.

With the constant changes in equipment, by all the manufacturers, you may be causing problems for yourself in terms of club length and loft.

If you have an 21* 4-iron or hybrid, it’s likely you would now have two clubs that travel the same distance, which effectively removes a club from your bag.

Of course, launch angle and ease of use are different for each of these clubs, but why carry two clubs that almost do the same thing.

Take one of the clubs and use the space in your bag for a club that will help you in a different area of of your game.

I would treat each new club that I want to as an individual part of my bag set up, and regardless of make, I would want to test lots and buy the club that gives me the best results, most consistently.

If you know your game and know what you’re looking for then I would always say that it’s better to get custom fit for the specific club you are looking to buy.

It’s good practice to try and test the clubs for yourself, on the course where possible, and do you best not to get caught up in some of the marketing BS and hype.

When comparing clubs find out the loft of each so you really do know which one is giving you more distance.

why golf club covers

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A Word Of Caution About Custom Golf Club Fitting

If you were to visit several different club fitters, you may find you have several different recommendations for what you need.

This could be down to the experience of the fitter, the equipment they have at their disposal, their understanding of club fitting, and many other things but the most likely reason for the differences is you.

Remember you are being fitted for the golf swing that you have on the day.

If you are a beginner golfer, and are still building and finding your golf swing, the characteristics of your swing are going to change, probably a lot, and in a short space of time.

If I was going to drop $100’s on new clubs I would definitely have a custom fit by an independent club fitter or Golf Pro.

With that kind of money I would want to make sure I am gaining the maximum out of the clubs and matching it closely with my golf ability. There’s no point having the wrong shaft or the wrong spin numbers.

Let the experts guide you, but be mindful of a couple of things.

Golf Pro’s in some retail outlets have a reputation for selling clubs, and not always for selling the right clubs. Think sales targets and making money!

The other reason is a bit harder to assess.

Not all manufacturers will custom build the club to the exact custom fit specs you have produced, so you don’t always get what you pay for.

Do some research on the build part of the process. Get them to double check the specs when you pick up the club.