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Should You Always Use A Golf Tee?


You don’t need to use a tee peg when you tee off, but it does give you the advantage of having a perfect lie each time you do.

Using a golf tee gives a golfer an advantage, as there is no chance for the grass to get in between their ball and club. Most golfers will always use a tee, even if they are playing with an iron or hybrid for their tee shot.

There are many benefits to using a tee, the most important is that is gives you a chance to have a perfect lie for your tee shots.

  • Golf tees provide a consistent surface for golfers to tee up on
  • Golf tees are used to elevate the ball so it can be hit without damaging the turf
  • The tee should be placed on firm ground with no rocks or roots that could damage the club head
  • Tee height varies depending on the type of club you are using
picture of wooden golf tees

How High Should You Tee The Ball

How high you should tee your golf ball depends on what type of club you are using and how long your clubs are.

The longer the club, like driver or fairway wood/hybrid clubs, then the higher tee needs to be to help get optimal results.

As you progress through the bag you’ll find the shorter irons can be teed up lower.

Is It Just The Height Of The Golf Tee That Matters?

Tee height does make a difference, and the height of your tee can make a world of difference with how you hit the ball.

Gear effect is something that illustrates this perfectly and shows that how you tee the ball can significantly affect the spin imparted on it at impact.

Golfers want to have a tee height that’s appropriate for the club they are using. The ideal tee height for drivers is about 1.5 inches while 3-woods are between half and quarter inch heights.

Did you know that the height of a golf tee affects accuracy?

Generally speaking, the higher the tee, the more margin for error. This is only true up until the point you start to tee up too high.

It’s worth keeping in mind if your goal is to improve your game and lower your handicap.

Does Tee Height Affect Driving Distance

A lot of golfers go to extremes with their tee heights, and either go too low or too high. This can lead to uncontrollable slices and hooks.

The trick is finding the right balance between distance and accuracy when it comes to your driver tee height.

Below we will take a look at the correct heights for teeing up with a driver, irons, fairway woods and hybrids

Ping G400 Driver and Headcover laying on grass

What Is The Correct Tee Height For Driver?

When you are a beginner, it can be hard to understand how the different parts of your golf game relate to each other.

As such, many new players get confused about tee height and driver loft settings.

But there is an easy way for you to understand what these two things have in common and fix any issues based on that knowledge.

The ideal tee height for hitting Driver is about 1.5 inches, which is around 50% of the golf ball above the top of the driver club face. Meaning, if half the ball is showing above the top of the Driver you are in a good position.

What Is The Correct Tee Height For Irons

As a rule, tee up an iron shot so the ball is just above ground level.

When you’re using longer irons (3 through 6), about a quarter inch of tee should be out of the ground, so the top of the ball is even with or a little higher than the top of clubface. For higher lofted irons, 7-iron upwards, tee it a little lower with each club.

The aim is to have a clear pathway to the ball with nothing in the way.

If you’re not good with measurements and need a reference point, tee up your ball so that it is just slightly higher than the blades of grass.

It’s worth taking the time to practice and find out where you are striking the ball on the club-face.

You can easily find out where the ball is making contact by either spraying the clubface with foot powder or by putting a piece of impact tape on your clubface.

Hit a few shots off a tee peg and you’ll soon see where on the club face you are making contact.

If you are hitting the ball high or low on the face, you can then adjust your tee height to help you strike it out of the sweet spot.

What Is The Correct Tee Height For Fairway Woods

A fairway wood is designed to get the ball up in the air quickly, so the tee shouldn’t be too high., ideally between a half and a quarter of the ball is above the club-head.

If you have a deeper face on your fairway wood then you would benefit from teeing a little higher compared to a more shallow faced fairway wood.

What Is The Correct Tee Height For Hybrid Golf Clubs

“How do I know what the correct tee height is for my hybrid golf clubs?” This question comes up on forums and blogs all the time.

Hybrids have become one of the most popular clubs as they are very versatile. and with the right set up it can mean greater distance or accuracy, depending on your skill level.

Compared to an Iron, the sole of a hybrid golf club has more weight built into it so that when you hit the ball, the weight will get under it and help propel your shot further than ever before!

The correct tee height for a hybrid golf club is usually 1.4 inches above the ground, but it will depend on your swing and how you’re using the club.

To find out what’s best for you, talk to an expert at your golf course and spend some time working out the idiosyncrasies of your golf swing. That’s swing speed, swing path, dynamic loft and many other things which will help you have a better understanding of your own game.


You don’t need to use a tee peg when you tee off, but it does give you the advantage of having a perfect lie each time you do.

Like all things in golf, it’s about you doing some tests and working out which is best for you.