Secrets of the Short Game

When you are stood over a chip shot or a pitch shot

Do You think about Duffing It?

Maybe You worry you’re going to thin it through the Green

Perhaps you worry you’re going to fat the ball

Maybe you don’t know when to chip and when to pitch, or even what’s the difference

Don’t Despair – Whatever result you currently achieve with your short game


If you answered YES to any of the above…then you are in for a treat

Short Game Secrets Coaching by Fore King Golf

Short Game Secrets is a video coaching course that will teach you, step-by-step, how to play better chip shots and pitch shots, more consistently.

But before we get too into the content inside of Short Game Secrets, it’s important to know who is going to be coaching you.

So who are we and what makes us qualified to teach you?

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Richard Lawless PGA Professional Golf Coach
Rich Lawless
PGA Professional & Ladies European Tour Coach

Coaching Golf is my passion & I never get bored of helping players improve.

It can be a very frustrating sport at times but I am here to make it easier for you.

With over 20 years of experience in coaching golf as a British PGA Professional, I am committed to the ongoing improvement of my coaching skills and helping people get the most from their game.

Whether you are a successful Tour Player or a complete beginner to the game, I get great satisfaction from seeing the improved results of my students…and I hope to be able to help you too!

Richard coached Trish Johnson, 8-time Solheim Cup Player,
3-time LPGA Tour Winner and 16-time Ladies European Tour Winner.

Trish Johnson In Action On European Tour in Tenerife
Trish Johnson Winning on the Ladies European Tour in Tenerife

Now don’t worry, you don’t need to be a Tour Player to benefit from Richard’s Coaching because the Short Game Secrets Coaching will offer something for every standard of player.

So to that end let’s watch the video below and have a look at what is inside the Coaching

This coaching course will take you through the fundamentals of the chip shot and
will help you to become a more accomplished player around the greens

The Angle of Attack in The Chip Shot
Grip Down The Handle In The Chip Shot
Ball Position In The Chip Shot
Width Of Stance In The Chip Shot
Wrist Hinge In The Chip Shot
The Through Swing In The Chip Shot
Club head Lag In The Chip Shot
Varying The Distance of The Chip Shot
Front View Of Playing The Chip Shot
Club Selection In The Chip Shot
Pre-shot Routine In The Chip Shot
Reading A Chip Shot
Chipping Out Of The Rough
Tracking Your Progress With The Chip Shot
The Low Spinning Chip Shot

This coaching course will take you through the fundamentals of the pitch shot and
will help you to become a more accomplished player approaching the greens

Setting Up For A Pitch Shot
Change Of Technique For A Pitch Shot
Club Selection For A Pitch Shot
Keeping it Simple For A Pitch Shot
Use The Bounce Of The Club For A Pitch Shot
Use A Range Finder For A Pitch Shot

If you’re fed up of not getting on the dance floor from 50-100 yards, then this is the coaching for you.
Inside you will find a collection of techniques and drills that will help you hit better short game shots more often.

Golf Coaching: Short Game Secrets

You will get 12 months full access to the Short Game Secrets Coaching


Fore King Golf Coaching 60 day money back guarantee

If you really want to change the way you hit your golf ball, you need to practice the right things.

You really do get out what you put in when you play golf, so you will be in great hands when you let Richard guide you through the coaching.

Follow in the footsteps of hundreds of Rich’s other students, following our simple, step by step coaching program. It’s proven to work and virtually unbreakable.

PS. The Short Game Secrets Coaching Course works for YOU…

it helps eliminates any chance of error, any wasted time, any dropped shots and will help propel you towards a lower handicap, helping you to increase your chances of winning the weekend medal!

You will never find an easier, faster or cheaper method to playing better short game shots than this.

P.PS. We have simplified the entire process for you, so you are never left confused or struggling to figure it out.

Once you have been through this coaching series, it will be like swinging on complete auto pilot, freeing you up and helping you enjoy the game more!

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