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1967 Roberto De Vicenzo Wins The Open at Royal Liverpool


The year was 1967, and the golfing world was focused on the historic Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Hoylake, for the 96th edition of the prestigious Open Championship.

The championship took place from July 12th to July 15th, and it witnessed the crowning of an unexpected champion.

Let’s revisit the events of that year’s Open Championship, where 44-year-old Roberto De Vicenzo secured his place in golf history by claiming his first and only major championship.

Roberto De Vicenzo’s Triumph

Roberto De Vicenzo, a seasoned golfer at the age of 44, emerged as the unlikely hero of the 1967 Open Championship.

In a thrilling contest at Royal Liverpool Golf Club, De Vicenzo held his nerve and displayed exceptional skill to secure victory. He finished the tournament with a two-stroke lead over the defending champion, Jack Nicklaus.

This remarkable win would go down in history as De Vicenzo’s sole major championship victory, solidifying his legacy in the world of golf.

A Unique Year for The Open

The 1967 Open Championship stands out for another reason—it was the last year until 1986 in which The Open had a single cut at 36 holes.

Unlike the later years from 1968 to 1985, where a second cut was introduced after 54 holes, this championship maintained the traditional format.

It added an extra layer of excitement to the competition, as players had to deliver their best performance early to make the cut and continue their pursuit of the coveted Claret Jug.

The PGA Championship Connection

Following the conclusion of the 1967 Open Championship, the golfing world’s attention swiftly shifted to the PGA Championship, which was played the very next week near Denver, Colorado.

This scheduling quirk was part of a trend in the 1960s, where these two major tournaments were played in consecutive weeks in July.

It added to the challenges faced by the top golfers of the era, who had to maintain their peak performance over an intense fortnight of competition.

The Long Wait for Hoylake

The 1967 Open Championship was also notable for marking the end of an era at Hoylake.

After this tournament, the prestigious event would not return to Royal Liverpool Golf Club for nearly four decades, with the next appearance taking place in 2006.

This lengthy hiatus only added to the mystique of Hoylake in the world of golf, making the return in 2006 a highly anticipated and historic moment.

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