Do Refurbished Golf Balls Lose Distance?

Do Refurbished Golf Balls Lose Distance?

Do refurbished golf balls lose distance? The answer is a resounding yes!

When you take the time to compare two sets of swings, one with new golf balls and the other with refurbished ones, there will be a significant difference in how far each set’s ball travels.

Refurbished golf balls are much cheaper than their brand new counterparts but they also lack the feel and durability that many people find desirable. This has an effect on both control and distance.

If you’re an amateur golfer who wants to save money on your game, then this could be a worthwhile option for you.

However, if you want to improve your skills and compete against more experienced players then it would probably be better for you to use new golf balls.

In this article I’ll take you through some of the considerations about using new or refurbished golf balls.

What’s The Difference Between Refurbished And New Golf Balls?

This comes down to three key areas

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Durability

Refurbished golf balls are much cheaper than their brand new counterparts but they usually lack the feel and durability of a new ball.

While recycled golf balls may claim to have a similar performance to those which have never been used before, they won’t last as long and they will not give the same level of performance. But they can save you a ton of money if you are currently losing lots of balls on the course.

If you’re an amateur golfer who wants save money on your game then this could potentially work for you; especially if you are new to playing golf and still have poor control over your game.

However, as you get better and improve your skills, you will become more consistent then you will be better off using either refurbishments of unused equipment instead as these can provide greater distance with increased accuracy.

This is due in part because there is no need worry about losing expensive shots when playing competitively since all lost balls come out from one’s own pocket!

The decision ultimately comes down what level player someone wishes become

Do Refurbished Golf Balls Last As Long As New Balls

New Golf Balls will last longer than refurbished Golf Balls, as they have not yet been used.

The golf ball is the most important piece of equipment in a golfer’s inventory.

Without any visible damage, they can last up to seven rounds without losing performance and are more likely lost than worn out over time.

As soon as you notice that it feels rough, replace the ball!

Refurbished balls by definition have already been used and the lifespan of the ball has already been reduced. They have simply been given a face lift to make them look newer.

A pitfall of using refurbished balls is that the dimples on them may already be worn down, which will cause less distance when hit correctly with a golf club head because it won’t have enough spin to get up in air properly. This has an effect on both control and distance.

Should You Use New Or Second-Hand Golf Balls.

Deciding which golf ball to buy will be different for each player as as your own priorities affect your buying decision, such as price, feel, and durability.

The best way to find out which golf ball is the right one for you would be by trying them all until it feels like a good fit!

This will take some time but should give an accurate idea of what your personal preferences are when playing with different types or brands in order to make sure that they’re suited to your game.

Price is a big factor

£40+ for 12 golf balls is pretty pricey for most amateurs, but remember you don’t have to always buy the premium model from each brand, even though their marketing tells you that you should.

You can get a decent ball for around half that price.

You could buy a mid range new ball for similar prices to refurbished premium balls.

Given that choice I would always choose a new ball

If it were true that only the premium ball was right for everyone, as the ball manufacturers would have us believe, then why do they continue to make different levels of ball…

Money, money, Money. It’s always about the money.

What’s The Performance Difference Between New And Refurbished Golf Balls?

The performance difference between new and refurbished golf balls is that the feel of a ball can be different because there are less complete dimples on it.

What you won’t see on the outside of your golf balls is what’s happening underneath.

The durability may also not last as long, but this will depend upon how much time has passed since they were first made and how much use they have had.

It may seem like they’re performing as advertised, but these refurbished and repainted covers wear off quickly to reveal old ones beneath; so it might be difficult for them to do their job as intended.

I’m sure you’ve hit an old ball before that felt like you were hitting a rock, refurbished balls will get to that point much faster than a new ball.

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