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We have a full video course called Putt For Dough which will help you sink more putts, more often

Putt For Dough Coaching At Fore King Golf

putt for dough

Can you imagine no longer WORRYING about your Putts because you KNOW they’ll be straight and on their way to the bottom of the cup?

Imagine getting lower scores each round because you sink more putts from further out?

When I teach you the skills I’m about to, you’ll shave strokes off your game…and play the best golf you’ve ever played!

You’ll sink putts you USED to have trouble with.

From further out… you’ll putt with incredible accuracy and strokes will come off your handicap immediately.

get in the hole

When the ball is on the green I’m pretty sure that’s the only time I might call out ‘Get In The Hole’


Putt For Dough Golf Coaching By Fore King Golf
Drive For Show Golf Coaching By Fore King Golf


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