Welcome To How To Putt For Dough

The next time you hit the course with your golfing buddies…

would you like to reduce the amount of three putts you have in a round?

Would you like to get your longer putts closer to the hole or even start making more of them?

Would you like to have the precise skills needed to sink more putts from 15, 20, even 25 feet out or more?

Don’t Despair – Whatever result you currently achieve


Welcome to Putt For Dough

This coaching course will take you through the fundamentals of a classic putting stroke and will help you to become a more accomplished player capable of making more putts and doing it consistently

As you travel on your journey to improving your own game with Putt For Dough, be assured I will be with you in spirit and also continuing my journey in the search to find more ways to make this wonderful game easier to play throughout all its facets.

Good luck and happy Putting

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Set up In The Putting Stroke
Neutral hold In The Putting Stroke
Alignment In The Putting Stroke
Posture In The Putting Stroke
Arm Hang In The Putting Stroke
Body Alignment In The Putting Stroke
Ball Position In The Putting Stroke
Using The Correct Putter For You
Hand Movement In The Putting Stroke
Shoulder Movement In The Putting Stroke
Putter Head Movement In The Putting Stroke
Wrist Break In The Putting Stroke
Developing a Pre-Shot Routine In Putting
Practising Putting Properly
Reading The Greens
Practice Your Putting With The Ladder Drill
line and pace in the putting stroke
becoming instinctive in the putting stroke
be more specific in the putting stroke
visualizing the putt
slowing it down in the putting stroke
Practice putting With the eyes closed drill
Putt For Dough coaching wrap up

If you’re fed up of not making enough putts, then this is the coaching for you.

Inside you will find comprehensive coaching that will help you sink more putts more often.

After going through the videos you’ll be in a better position to make more putts. I’ll show you step by step how to improve your accuracy, pace and distance on putts immediately.

No matter your current ability and skill level, Putt For Dough will improve your game

If you really want to change the way you hit your golf ball, you need to practice the right things.

You really do get out what you put in when you play golf, so you will be in great hands when you let Richard guide you through the coaching.

Follow in the footsteps of hundreds of Rich’s other students, following our simple, step by step coaching program. It’s proven to work and virtually unbreakable.

Happy Golfing

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