Playing A Plugged Lie In The Bunker

We’ve arrived at a plugged shot, this is where the lie is really bad, it’s almost buried up to the equator of the ball.

So I am going to get the stance quite narrow, still going to turn the front foot out.

No need have the hands back now as I’m not really going to work the bounce of the club, as we need to get the club coming in much steeper.

But it’s just going to be pretty much as steep as it gets coming in, due to the narrow stance.

I am going to take plenty of sand and I need enough energy to get them ball out.

Now with these sorts of shots, because it is so steep, the chances are the follow through will be a little bit limited.

If you’ve got less resistance you would have a nice long follow through.

When we hit down into the sand the follow through is going to be a bit curtailed, a bit short.

So we give this a little bit more energy, with the grip much tighter now.  The backswing length is probably just midway.

Still aiming to just enter the sand about a balls width before the ball.

I play a pretty good shot.

These sort of shots are a little bit more tricky judging the distance control.

Because maybe you don’t know what the texture of the sand is underneath.  It might be hard pan or really fluffy or really light with less resistance.

One way you can test that is to use your feet.  Try and feel what it’s like underneath.

You can’t touch the sand or have a practice swing to gain an advantage in the hazard.

So use your feet to try and judge how compact the sand is or how loose the sand is underneath the shot.

So I play one more shot which is nice and buried.

Narrow Stance again with the weight on the left and a nice tight grip

You’ve really got to practise this, you’ve got to spend some time gaining some feel, to find out how much energy you need in the bunker

The more time you do that, you more you will have a better understanding of what power is needed, and how soft you can be for a really short shot. How soft you can get to without actually leaving the ball in the bunker.

Now I’ll try a little soft shot now, just to get the ball out.

I’ll probably still going to have a tight grip but I won’t take the club back as far.

The ball makes it out but not very far.  So on occasions you might have a plugged shot where you want to pop the ball out.

Tight grip and a short swing should just give you enough momentum and enough energy to pop the ball up and out.

You’ll notice on all my bunker shots there is no leaning back and there’s no trying to trying to scoop the ball or lift the ball out.

I’m really letting the loft of the club and all the good things I’ve created at set up work and take effect to play a good bunker shot

So I would advise you get yourself in the bunker and practice lots of different bad lies and good lies.  Test them out and see what happens.

Try different grip pressures and different lengths of swing and experiment a little bit.

See what reactions you get and you can really learn to get the ball really close to the hole, if not in it, more often.