Playing A Plugged Lie In The Face Of The Bunker

It’s very common for the area at the front of the bunker to have a little bit more sand, because the sand migrates from the front and you get a deeper pile of sand in this area.

So if you’re hitting a high lofted club in to the green, it’s very easy for the ball to plug.

So you are kind of in the face of the bunker, maybe your left foot is above your right and the ball is plugged.

So to play this correctly, again, same set up with the left foot turned out and the knee line out to stabilise the lower body.

I’m going to lean quite aggressively into the hill.  Hands forward, with the same strike point, just a balls width in front of the ball.

I’m just going to keep my body where it is and lift the club up and hit straight down. 

At no point am I going to lean back.  The only point I might lean back is after I have hit the shot.  I might get stuck so I might lean backwards after the shot.

Any leaning backwards before and the ball is going to go into the face of the bunker.

This actually works where as the clubs comes in, it’s coming in very steep, it actually builds up, kind of thick layer of sand between the ball and the club-face and you can see the ball starting to appear.

And I’ve added very little loft and ball taking off at that angle takes off nicely out the bunker.

So I’ll just give that a go.  Lean in and keep down.

So it’s a quite straight forward shot which can look difficult but actually isn’t.

Just make sure you keep the weight forwards, same with the left foot turned out, stay there, lift the club up and then back in, the club will come in very steeply and the ball should float out nicely.