How to Play Golf During the Winter Months

How to Play Golf During the Winter Months

Playing golf in the winter can be a challenge.

The courses are wet and the ball doesn’t travel as far, making it difficult to score well.

Plus, you have to deal with cold and waterproof clothing that can get in the way of your golf swing.

But don’t let that discourage you; playing golf during the winter months is still possible and there are some things you can do to make your game better.

Let’s take a look at how you can play great golf during the coldest season of the year.

Do You Need To Change Your Golf Swing Mechanics In The Winter

The cold weather impacts how far the ball will travel when hit, so you need to adjust your swing accordingly.

For example, try using more club speed on shorter shots because the ball is not travelling as far a normal. If you don’t you are very likely to come up short

In addition, make sure to keep your grip relaxed so that you don’t lose control of the club due to coldness in your fingers or hands.

Wear some winter golf mittens and maybe get one of those pocket warmers to help keep your fingers warm. They’re not allowed in competitions, as you are deemed to be having an advantage over the field of other players, but if it’s just a friendly game with friends, then I say warm hands a must.

Playing The 8th hole at Manor House in the rain

Use Appropriate Winter Golf Equipment

Using equipment designed for winter golf will help you play to your normal levels even when it’s chilly out.

Think about using clubs with wider soles, as the fairways will be much softer than normal. Bounce is your friend here, especially through the rough and semi, where the grass has been made slick by rain or snowfall.

Also look for grips made from softer materials like rubber as this will help keep a consistent feel even when wearing gloves or mittens (which is highly recommended).

If it’s wet while you play, think about buying some wet weather gloves, as this will help you keep your normal grip pressure and help make sure you’re not holding on for dear life of the club in case it flies out of your hands.

Finally, choose balls specifically for winter play such as one-piece urethane balls which are better suited to colder conditions. They probably feel much harder, but then they’re also not $50 bucks a box

Golf Cart On The Course in USA

You May Need To Carry Your Golf Bag In Winter

It’s not unusual for Golf Clubs to have bans on both Buggy and Trolleys as their wheels can damage the course.

When conditions aren’t too wet, you may just be asked to keep off the fairways and either travel on the designated pathways, or on the rough on the edges of the fairways.

Think about where you put your bag around the green, try to keep it away from greens and the aprons surrounding them.

No matter where you play, they is usually a pathway that all the golfers on that day have walked, which usually ends up in a muddy track. Do your best to not add to this if you can.

Dress Warmly But Smartly For Winter Golf

The key here is layering; you want several thin layers of clothing rather than one thick layer as this will help protect against wind chill while providing enough flexibility for a good swing motion.

Wear lightweight fabrics designed for wet weather golf. They’re also less intrusive to your golf swing.

They will help in keeping you dryer for longer while playing in wet weather conditions – no matter how hard it might be raining!

Be sure not to overdress either; too much clothing can restrict your movement causing improper swings which won’t achieve optimal results – so dress warmly but smartly!

Enjoy Your Winter Golf

Playing golf during the winter months is possible with some adjustments both on and off the course.

Make sure to plan ahead, use equipment better suited to wet weather, such as clubs with wider soles and heavier heads, select balls designed specifically for winter play, dress warmly but smartly, play well,

then enjoy hitting the half way house and the bar afterwards for much needed beers and hot food.

With some practice and patience, soon enough you’ll be playing just as well as if it were summertime again!

Happy Golfing!

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