Course Management Tips Playing A Par 5

13th Hole at Manor House Golf Club

By Steve

Here’s Rich playing a par 5 and showing higher handicappers how to break 100.

Course Management Tips Playing A Par 5

For amateur golfers, the par 5 can be a daunting challenge. With the right strategy and club selection, however, you can have success on these lengthy holes and achieve a score that you never thought was possible!

In this video, PGA Professional Golf Coach Richard Lawless shows us how to play a par 5 hole.

He begins by discussing important strategies such as picking the right clubs for each shot, being aware of potential dangers on the course and understanding your own strength and weaknesses.

Whether you’re looking to break 80 or just want to take your game to the next level, this video is sure to provide some helpful tips that will benefit even higher handicaps.

So when faced with that intimidating par 5, look back on what Rich has taught and don’t forget: confidence is key!

With practice and patience, you can confidently conquer any course layout with skilful approach shots and well-thought out plans.

Its a great course too so enjoy the view.