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Course Management Tips Playing A Par 4


Par 4 holes can be a great opportunity to score lower and save strokes, as long as you know how to effectively manage the course.

Just like with par 3s and par 5s, good course management strategies are key.

Good course management is all about understanding the golf course layout, knowing which clubs to choose for certain distances, creating an effective pre-shot routine, accurately judging wind conditions and trajectory of your shots, familiarising yourself with possible landing areas around the green

But many amateur golfers struggle to come up with a game plan before starting their round, but it’s important if you want to shoot lower scores on par 4 holes.

You should take time before each swing to assess your shot and decide whether or not it’ll maximize your chances of achieving the desired score.

This means evaluating potential hazards such as water hazards or bunkers that could rack you up a ton of shots very quickly,

Hitting bad shots is part of the game, but knowing where to miss can save you a lot of shots across a round

You also need to understand your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to playing long shots and determine what club is best suited for each shot.

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Steve King

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