Course Management Tips Playing A Par 3

Wrag Barn Par 3 5th Hole

By Steve

Course Management Tips Playing A Par 3

Are you having troubles making par on par 3 holes? This video will help you have more of an awareness of how to manage and navigate the par 3 holes.

Good course management is one of the key factors to consider when playing a round of golf, but it’s especially important for par 3 holes.

Par 3 holes are often known as “risk-reward” holes because they require a great deal of strategy in order to achieve the desired score.

Poor course management on these holes can quickly lead to higher scores for the round.

Good course management includes the following:

  • selecting the right club
  • having an effective pre-shot routine
  • understanding the wind conditions and trajectory of your shots
  • evaluating obstacles that can affect your shot
  • accurately judging distances
  • familiarising yourself with all possible landing areas around the green
  • creating an effective plan for reaching the green in as few strokes as possible.

In addition, good course management also requires being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses – what clubs you’re most comfortable using from certain distances as well as how you respond under pressure.

Getting lower scores on a par 3 hole demands that you have a very detailed plan set out before you even begin taking your swings.

It’s important that you take time to assess each situation and make decisions based upon the data that you have gathered rather than based on hunches or guesses.

Learning proper golf course management tips that can help reduce your score and have you playing better and getting more enjoyment

This will allow you to focus on executing better quality shots which ultimately leads to better scores over time.