The Open Championship Winners (1860 To Present Day)

by Steve | Last Updated: 16 August 2021

The world’s best golfers have faced the unrelenting challenge of links golf at The Open, which is considered to be the original and most international Championship.

In October 1860, eight professional players assembled in Prestwick for a tournament where one golfer would win £25 worth of red Moroccan leather-crafted belt named “The Challenge Belt.”

Willie Park Snr was crowned Champion Golfer after defeating Old Tom Morris by two shots.

In 1864, Prestwick held another competition that allowed all amateur competitors from around Europe to join them; this time it became known as The Open Championship

The Open Championship is widely regarded as being both challenging and prestigious enough for every player on Earth who wishes to become the next champion.

The Open Championship Winners

2021Collin MorikawaRoyal St George's
2020Not ContestedCovid
2019Shane LowryRoyal Portrush
2018Francesco MolinariCarnoustie
2017Jordan SpiethRoyal Birkdale
2016Henrik StensonRoyal Troon
2015Zach JohnsonSt Andrews
2014Rory McIlroyRoyal Liverpool
2013Phil MickelsonMuirfield
2012Ernie ElsRoyal Lytham & St Annes
2011Darren ClarkeRoyal St George's
2010Louis OosthuizenSt Andrews
2009Stewart CinkTurnberry
2008Padraig HarringtonRoyal Birkdale
2007Padraig HarringtonCarnoustie
2006Tiger WoodsRoyal Liverpool
2005Tiger WoodsSt Andrews
2004Todd HamiltonRoyal Troon
2003Ben CurtisRoyal St George's
2002Ernie ElsMuirfield
2001David DuvalRoyal Lytham & St Annes
2000Tiger WoodsSt Andrews
1999Paul LawrieCarnoustie
1998Mark O'MearaRoyal Birkdale
1997Justin LeonardRoyal Troon
1996Tom LehmanRoyal Lytham & St Annes
1995John DalySt Andrews
1994Nick PriceTurnberry
1993Greg NormanRoyal St George's
1992Sir Nick FaldoMuirfield
1991Ian Baker-FinchRoyal Birkdale
1990Sir Nick FaldoSt Andrews
1989Mark CalcavecchiaRoyal Troon
1988Seve BallesterosRoyal Lytham & St Annes
1987Sir Nick FaldoMuirfield
1986Greg NormanTurnberry
1985Sandy LyleRoyal St George's
1984Seve BallesterosSt Andrews
1983Tom WatsonRoyal Birkdale
1982Tom WatsonRoyal Troon
1981Bill RogersRoyal St George's
1980Tom WatsonMuirfield
1979Seve BallesterosRoyal Lytham & St Annes
1978Jack NicklausSt Andrews
1977Tom WatsonTurnberry
1976Johnny MillerRoyal Birkdale
1975Tom WatsonCarnoustie
1974Gary PlayerRoyal Lytham & St Annes
1973Tom WeiskopfRoyal Troon
1972Lee TrevinoMuirfield
1971Lee TrevinoRoyal Birkdale
1970Jack NicklausSt Andrews
1969Tony JacklinRoyal Lytham & St Annes
1968Gary PlayerCarnoustie
1967Roberto De VicenzoRoyal Liverpool
1966Jack NicklausMuirfield
1965Peter ThomsonRoyal Birkdale
1964Tony LemaSt Andrews
1963Bob CharlesRoyal Lytham & St Annes
1962Arnold PalmerRoyal Troon
1961Arnold PalmerRoyal Birkdale
1960Kel NagleSt Andrews
1959Gary PlayerMuirfield
1958Peter ThomsonRoyal Lytham & St Annes
1957Bobby LockeSt Andrews
1956Peter ThomsonRoyal Liverpool
1955Peter ThomsonSt Andrews
1954Peter ThomsonRoyal Birkdale
1953Ben HoganCarnoustie
1952Bobby LockeRoyal Lytham & St Annes
1951Max FaulknerRoyal Portrush
1950Bobby LockeRoyal Troon
1949Bobby LockeRoyal St George's
1948Henry CottonMuirfield
1947Fred DalyRoyal Liverpool
1946Sam SneadSt Andrews
1940 - 1945Not ContestedWord War II
1939Dick BurtonSt Andrews
1938Reg WhitcombeRoyal St George's
1937Henry CottonCarnoustie
1936Alf PadghamRoyal Liverpool
1935Alf PerryMuirfield
1934Henry CottonRoyal St George's
1933Denny ShuteSt Andrews
1932Gene SarazenPrince's
1931Tommy ArmourCarnoustie
1930Bobby JonesRoyal Liverpool
1929Walter HagenMuirfield
1928Walter HagenRoyal St George's
1927Bobby JonesSt Andrews
1926Bobby JonesRoyal Lytham & St Annes
1925Jim BarnesPrestwick
1924Walter HagenRoyal Liverpool
1923Arthur HaversRoyal Troon
1922Walter HagenRoyal St George's
1921Jock HutchisonSt Andrews
1920George DuncanRoyal Cinque Ports
1915 - 1919Not ContestedWorld War I
1914Harry VardonPrestwick
1913J H TaylorRoyal Liverpool
1912Ted RayMuirfield
1911Harry VardonRoyal St George's
1910James BraidSt Andrews
1909J H TaylorRoyal Cinque Ports
1908James BraidPrestwick
1907Arnaud MassyRoyal Liverpool
1906James BraidMuirfield
1905James BraidSt Andrews
1904Jack WhiteRoyal St George's
1903Harry VardonPrestwick
1902Sandy HerdRoyal Liverpool
1901James BraidMuirfield
1900J H TaylorSt Andrews
1899Harry VardonRoyal St George's
1898Harry VardonPrestwick
1897Harold HiltonRoyal Liverpool
1896Harry VardonMuirfield
1895J H TaylorSt Andrews
1894J H TaylorRoyal St George's
1893Willie AuchterloniePrestwick
1892Harold HiltonMuirfield
1891Hugh KirkaldySt Andrews
1890John BallPrestwick
1889Willie Park JrMusselburgh Links
1888Jack BurnsSt Andrews
1887Willie Park JrPrestwick
1886David BrownMusselburgh Links
1885Bob MartinSt Andrews
1884Jack SimpsonPrestwick
1883Willie FernieMusselburgh Links
1882Bob FergusonSt Andrews
1881Bob FergusonPrestwick
1880Bob FergusonMusselburgh Links
1879Jamie AndersonSt Andrews
1878Jamie AndersonPrestwick
1877Jamie AndersonMusselburgh Links
1876Bob MartinSt Andrews
1875Willie Park SnrPrestwick
1874Mungo ParkMusselburgh Links
1873Tom KiddSt Andrews
1872Tom Morris JrPrestwick
1871Not ContestedNo Trophy
1870Tom Morris JrPrestwick
1869Tom Morris JrPrestwick
1868Tom Morris JrPrestwick
1867Tom Morris SnrPrestwick
1866Willie Park SnrPrestwick
1865Andrew StrathPrestwick
1864Tom Morris SnrPrestwick
1863Willie Park SnrPrestwick
1862Tom Morris SnrPrestwick
1861Tom Morris SnrPrestwick
1860Willie Park SnrPrestwick

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