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2003 Mike Weir Wins The Masters


Watch the complete final round and playoff broadcast of the 2003 Masters. Mike Weir defeats Len Mattiace on the first extra hole.

Historic Moments at Augusta: Mike Weir’s 2003 Masters Victory

The Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, has witnessed countless historic moments in the world of golf.

One such moment that will forever be etched in golfing history is the 2003 Masters Tournament. Held from April 11th to 13th, it marked the 67th edition of this prestigious event.

What made this tournament truly special was the victory of Mike Weir, a Canadian golfer who not only secured his first major title but also carved his name into the annals of golfing history as the first left-handed player to win the Masters.

A Canadian Triumph

When Mike Weir teed off at Augusta in 2003, little did he know that he was on the cusp of making history.

As the tournament unfolded, it became evident that this could be a groundbreaking moment for Canadian golf.

Weir displayed incredible skill and composure throughout the competition, eventually finding himself in a one-hole playoff with Len Mattiace.

In a tense and thrilling showdown, Mike Weir emerged victorious, clinching the coveted Green Jacket.

In doing so, he not only secured his first major title but also became the first Canadian male golfer to win a major championship.

Weir’s triumph was not just about personal achievement; it was a moment of national pride as he etched his name in Canadian sports history.

A Trailblazing Victory

Mike Weir’s victory in the 2003 Masters was not only historic for Canada but also for left-handed golfers worldwide.

Prior to Weir’s triumph, no left-handed player had ever donned the iconic Green Jacket.

Weir’s win shattered that barrier, proving that success at Augusta was not limited to right-handed players.

His victory served as an inspiration for aspiring left-handed golfers, showing them that they too could compete at the highest level and claim one of golf’s most prestigious titles.

The Lone Canadian Champion

Mike Weir’s triumph in 2003 holds another unique distinction.

To this day, he remains the only Canadian to have won the Masters Tournament.

His remarkable performance not only made him a national hero but also solidified his place in golfing history as a trailblazer and a symbol of excellence in Canadian golf.

Weathering the Storm

As with any memorable event, the 2003 Masters Tournament had its fair share of challenges.

Mother Nature played a significant role, as successive days of heavy rain led to the delay of the first round.

The tournament’s start was pushed to early Friday morning, setting the stage for a unique and memorable competition.

The second round, which began on Friday afternoon, was completed on Saturday morning, adding an extra layer of drama to an already historic event.

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