Meet Steve King

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Steve King of Fore King Golf With The Honey Monster At The British Par 3 Championships

This picture is me with the Honey Monster at the British Par 3 Championships, in case you’re wondering, I’m the one in Red! 

I love playing and watching golf and you can regularly find me on the golf course, no matter the weather.

I have played a lot of competition golf on Amateur Tours, such as the Fore Tour, Volvo Amateur Tour (Now the StaySure Tour) and played in events such as the Trilby Tour

I was once runner-up in the Daily Mail National Match Play Singles. I played 8 rounds of match play to then find out the final was a 4 player stableford competition. Not cool!

This was quite disappointing at the time but turned out to be the catalyst for me creating the Fore King Golf Tour

Competition Gopher

I organise all the Fore King Golf competitions and spend a lot of time on the golf course, filming for our YouTube Channel, and when I am not on the golf course I create the content for our website and YouTube Channel

I love playing golf myself and I am very competitive by nature, but no matter how well I’ve played, like most golfers, I always feel like I’ve left some shots out there on the course.   

I am keen to improve all the time and with help from Rich I know I am moving in the right direction.  

I have played off single figures for the last 20 years but like most golfers have good days and bad days.  

I’m currently not a member of a golf club and play most of my competitive golf in the Hercules Golf Society – I served in the Royal Air Force hence the connection to the Society.

Hercules Golf Society Logo

Fore King Golf sponsor a Society event each year and a pairs competition was introduced in the 2019 season and will continue to be played annually, where the winners get to join me, as my playing partners, in a PRO-AM Competition.

Steve King, Matt Mumford, Steve McKenzie & Roger Chequer Group Phoeo Jamega Pro Golf Tour
Jamega Pro Golf Tour Pro-AM at Reading Golf Club
Euro Pro Tour Pro Am at Wychwood Golf Club
EuroPro Tour Pro AM at Wychwood Golf Club

I love playing in Team Events and Pro-AM’s, especially with my good friend Touring Pro Matt Mumford, who has just overtaken me in the Hole-In-One Stakes 6 to 5

Steve King, Matt Mumford, Roger Chequer and Malcolm Clarke at Jamega Pro Tour Pro AM
Jamega Pro Golf Tour Pro-AM at Royal Ascot Golf Club

Weekend Golfers Academy

Drive For Show was the first coaching program that Rich & I put together.  Which came about after Rich gave me a lesson on my long game.

Despite being a single figure golfer, I had been really struggling to find the fairways, which had the obvious knock on effect of not then reaching the green in regulation, and unless I chipped-in or made long putts I was doomed to making tough pars, more likely bogey’s and quite often much worse.

The results were amazing in such a short period of time that I convinced Rich to let me film him giving the coaching. Which we did and as we had so much fun making the coaching, and became really good friends, we made a bunch more.

Since then we have created a library of golf coaching courses which you can see in the Weekend Golfers Academy

Steve King Teeing Off On The Trilby Tour At Frilford Heath Golf Club
Teeing off On The Trilby Tour – What A Shanker
Roger Chequer On Caddy Duties For Steve King at The Trilby Tour At Frilford Heath
Trilby Tour at The Oxfordshire with Good Friend Roger Chequer on Caddy Duties

My Golfing Milestones

This is a set of milestones I read in Golf Monthly and for me this is still a work in progress

  • Break 100 ✔
  • Join a Club or Society ✔
  • Get a handicap ✔
  • Complete a round with the same ball you started with ✔
  • Make a par ✔
  • Break 90 ✔
  • Get a handicap cut ✔
  • Make a birdie ✔
  • Represent your golf club or society in a match ✔
  • Hit a par 5 green in two ✔
  • Win a club or Society competition ✔
  • Drive a par 4 green in one ✔
  • Play a round with no double bogeys or worse ✔
  • Hit all the fairways in one round
  • Break 80 ✔
  • Play in a Pro-AM ✔
  • Play nine holes in level par or better ✔
  • Make an eagle ✔
  • Make back-to-back birdies ✔
  • Make a 2 on a par 4 ✔
  • Get your handicap into single figures ✔
  • Get your handicap to 4.4 or below
  • Win an Open Competition
  • Break 75 ✔
  • Play 18 holes in level par or better
  • Break 70
  • Get your handicap to scratch
  • Play a bogey-free round
  • Win your club championship
  • Hit all 18 greens in regulation in one round
  • Make an albatross
  • Make a hole-in-one ✔✔✔✔✔

All things TEchnical

As I mentioned, it’s also my job to make sure our website and YouTube Channel runs smoothly and I make sure that all of our Members receive their golf coaching materials on time and can benefit straight away from Rich’s coaching.  

I was lucky to already have lots of experience of running an online business as I have previously created several membership sites and multiple info products.

Over the last 15 or so years, I have learned a great deal about online techniques, from website build and development, to traffic generation, SEO techniques, successful monetization of web pages and the creating of various memberships sites, using a variety of platforms, which all sit on the back end of comprehensive sales funnels.

These days I try to keep up to date with the latest technologies and over the years Rich & I developed a catalogue of iPhone apps which are for recreational golfers.

I look forward to seeing you on the site and welcoming you as a member.

Best wishes


Steve King's Certificate for passing the ASQ Level Coaching in Golf
Steve King's Certificate For Passing The R&A Rules Level 1 Exam
Steve King's Certificate For Attending The Safeguarding Children Course PGA Level 1 Requirement

From a personal game development point of view I have attained my PGA ASQ Level 1 Coaching Accreditation, learned some basic club-fitting and passed the R&A Level One Rules exam.

my Brief History Working At Weekend Golfers & Fore King Golf

JAN 2021How To Fix A Shank Coaching added to website
JAN 2021How To Fix A Hook Coaching added to website
JAN 2021Playing Golf Between The Ears coaching added to website
DEC 2020Preparing to Win coaching added to website
DEC 2020Our Affiliate Program added to website
DEC 2020Putt For Dough coaching added to website
DEC 2020Drive For Show Coaching added to website
DEC 2020Bunker Basics Coaching added to website
DEC 2020How To Fix A Slice Coaching added to website
NOV 2020Golf For Beginners Free Coaching added to website
NOV 2020Redesigned the Fore King Golf Website
01 SEP 2020Renamed UK AM Golf Tour to Fore King Golf
17 MAR 2020COVID-19 put a spanner in the works for the year
14 MAR 2020UK AM Golf Tour First Event Held at Manor House
01 SEP 2019Created The UK AM Golf Tour
17 AUG 2019Created Fore King Golf YouTube Channel
2018-2019Hercules Golf Society Competition Secretary
10 FEB 2016The R&A Level 1 Rules Exam
2012 – 2013Weekend Golfers Academy based from Woodbridge Park Golf Club
10 FEB 2010Sports Coach UK – Safeguarding & Protecting Children Course
04 FEB 2009Created Weekend Golfers Academy with Rich Lawless
April 2008ASQ Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Golf
PGA Headquarters, The Belfry