Key Stage One of The Golf Swing

by Steve | Last Updated: 15 April 2021

The Take Back, creating the all important 1st link

With a great set-up this move can prove to be simple.

As you move the clubhead away from the ball your main objective is to keep the clubhead travelling inside the ball to target line but outside of the hands

Continue until the shaft reaches a point where it is parallel to the ground and on the line of your toes, which coincidently is also parallel to your ball to target line.

The butt end of the club at this point should be at a point directly above the big toe of your back foot and your hands at a height that is level with the middle of your thigh. 

The legs will have moved very little (or not at all at this point). 

The leading edge of the club should be very slightly toed in anti clockwise from the vertical.

PGA Pro Richard Lawless showing key stage 1 in the golf swing
PGA Pro Richard Lawless showing key stage 1 in the golf swing

From this position you are ready to start the chain reaction

Key Stage 1 From The Front View

Some Common Errors In Key Stage 1

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