How To Fix A Slice With The Bag Drill

How To Fix A Slice With The Bag Drill
by Steve | Last Updated: 19 August 2021

In this video PGA Pro Richard Lawless shows you how to fix a Golf Slice with the Bag Drill

To help cure your slice, you can actually use some of your own equipment to kind of position it on the range so it aids in attacking the ball with an inside approach with the clubhead.

So here I’ve got my forward and I’m going to use it and balance it on my golf bag and position myself in such a way where I can hit shots using this to help me get that inside approach.

So, I’m just going to show you that now just so you can get an idea of what I mean.

So here we go.

Now my golf club’s nice and balanced. For all you slicers, it’s generally in an over the top action that we want to try and get rid of.

So by having this club here, we tend to almost get a sense of where you want to bring the club back and where you want to bring it down.

So if I’m in position. You can see where the end of this club is relative to me. My job here is to try and make sure when I swing back, the shaft of the club becomes underneath this. Then when I come down, it comes down on a similar plane again underneath.

If you get any over the top motion you’re going to smash into your golf club and break your golf club so you don’t really want that. So be a little bit careful and maybe when you start out with this drill you’d actually want to move a little further away so if you do get an over the top motion you’re not going to strike your golf club.

So the better you get at this, the more extreme it becomes.

So if I’m going to swing back you can see how the shaft is travelling underneath that all of the time and it’s never going over the top. Okay, remember over the top is going to give you that outside to in swing path which gives you the slice.

So the better you get at this, the more you can move closer into this shaft and hit golf balls by doing this.

Your awareness and your peripheral vision will make you good at this. It will bring you into a position were you are always coming underneath and maybe even get a slight draw on the shot.

So try this drill out at the range but make sure you can use an alignment stick or something if you don’t want to use one of your golf clubs but it’s a great drill that you can do to get rid of your slice once and for all.

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