How To Fix A Slice (2 Tips To Help)


Have you had enough of turning right off the tee ?

You look down the fairway, you can see the green…

there’s the flag its in the distance it is only 150 yardS, it must be easy to hit it, you are in position, you release your shot and WOW

…over the top and you cut it….

Oh you can see the ball and it starts off great, flies high into the air and ooo oh no it has gone out to the right!

Another slice!

That’s the fifth one today and you have only played four holes. How are you going to get around the rest of the game ?

It’s not good, it gets hard and harder and harder but don’t worry there’s plenty of things you can do to fix your slice and on hand is Rich Lawless from Weekend Golfers.

There are lots of reasons why you may be slicing the ball

So here’s two quick tips that may help you get rid of your slice.