How To Fix A Golf Slice With The Visualising Drill

by Steve | Last Updated: 19 August 2021

In this video PGA Pro Richard Lawless shows you how to fix a golf slice with the visualising drill

It’s very common that a lot of golfers use the visual aspect of things to help them promote their golf.

Visualizing ball flight is one. Seeing the shot. People have great success in doing that.

So one thing you can do to try and eradicate any slicing action is to start to visualize the clubhead approaching the ball on a much better path.

That will be one that’s fairly shallow and from inside the ball. So inside the ball to target like it’s coming in a little bit more in to out.

Use your visual sense to really see that happening and the more you can see it happening, the more chance it’s got of happening.

So don’t just go to the ball and hit it really when you’re over the shot. Really try and imagine that your going to see that clubhead approach the ball from the inside.

So it makes you focus on something and really promotes the correct movement of the clubhead through the ball and it prioritizes.

The clubhead hitting the ball on that path at the end of the day that’s what’s sending the ball flight in its direction and putting what spin it has on it.

So if you want to get rid of that cutting action you’ve got to get that just in to impact and you’ve got to get that right.

So really visualize the clubhead approaching the ball from an inside path. Nice and shallow and then hopefully you can start seeing some better ball flights.

Steve King, the founder of Fore King Golf, started playing golf at the tender age of 29, after years spent playing many other sports and getting dodgy knees. Although late to the game, Steve soon fell in love with the sport and found himself, like many others, addicted to the pursuit of improvement and playing better. He is currently a member of The Kendleshire Golf Club & Hercules Golf Society, as well as running several competitions for Fore King Golf