How to Fix A Golf Slice With The Standing Back To Target Drill

by Steve | Last Updated: 19 August 2021

In this video PGA Pro Richard Lawless shows you how to fix a golf slice with the Standing Back to Target Drill

Slicing the ball normally means that the upper body sort of gets involved in the shot far too early. So once you’ve made a back swing this coming over the top action. The upper body unwinds far too early and it starts bringing the club with it.

So you get to the top of your backswing and the upper body unwinds and you can see how it wants to come over the top. Again it’s going to give you this kind of slicing action.

What I would like you to try and do is leave your back facing the target fractionally so as you start the down swing your back is still facing the target.

If I was going to make a back swing now. My back is facing the target now as I start down I’m just going to leave my back facing the target. What I don’t want to do is get the back working round too early because that will bring the club over and across.

So if you can get the back facing the target and keep it there. The arms will drop. The right elbow will drop in a little bit closer maybe to the right pocket and now the clubhead is approaching from behind my hands and then it can swing through and hit the shot from the inside.

So practice this at home or even down the range. Just make a back swing. Leave your back to the target and let your arms drop down so that right elbow just slots in and then hit from the inside.

Steve King, the founder of Fore King Golf, started playing golf at the tender age of 29, after years spent playing many other sports and getting dodgy knees. Although late to the game, Steve soon fell in love with the sport and found himself, like many others, addicted to the pursuit of improvement and playing better. He is currently a member of The Kendleshire Golf Club & Hercules Golf Society, as well as running several competitions for Fore King Golf