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How to Charge A Dead Golf Cart Battery


One of the more essential parts of a golf cart is the battery. Obviously!

However, the battery may fail at some point, which could leave leave you stranded in the middle of your round.

So, what do you do when you find yourself in this situation?

Here’s my quick guide on how to charge a dead golf cart battery.

Determine the battery type

First, you need to know the battery type.

Golf carts have two battery types, i.e., lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries require a specific charger, while lead-acid batteries can use any charger.

Knowing the battery type helps you choose the right charger and prevents damages to the battery.

Charge the battery

To charge the battery, you need to have a reliable charger.

make sure the charger you are going to use is compatible with your battery voltage.

Before charging, inspect the battery for any damages such as leaks, cracks, or bumps. If any damages are found, replace the battery.

Then, connect the charger to the battery terminal following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Make sure that the charger is turned off before charging, then switch it on and allow the battery to charge fully.

Monitor the charging

It is advisable to monitor the charging process to ensure that the battery is charging correctly and prevent overcharging.

Overcharging may lead to a battery explosion, causing injuries and damages.

Therefore, you need to supervise the charging process and switch off the charger once the battery reaches 100% charge.

Clean the battery terminal with a battery terminal cleaner before reconnecting it to your golf cart.

Maintain the battery

After charging, it helps to look after the battery properly to help prolong its lifespan.

Read my guide on how to clean golf cart batteries

Do not over-charge the battery as it may cause damage.

Use the battery regularly, at least twice a month; as this helps keep the battery active and may also help improve its lifespan.

be sure to check battery water levels regularly and top up if you need to.

Store the battery correctly

When not in use, try to store the battery in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat and away from moisture.

Make sure that the battery is fully charged before storing it. If you store it while it’s flat it may be difficult to reliably recharge it.

Dead golf cart batteries are common, but the good news is that they can be easily charged.

By following the above tips, you can easily charge a dead golf cart battery, get back on the course, and enjoy your game without worrying about a dead battery.

Remember to maintain and store the battery correctly to prolong its lifespan.

However, if you notice any unusual signs such as leaks, excessive corrosion, or bulging, seek professional help immediately.