How to Break 100

How to Break 100

Breaking 100 is a big milestone for nearly every golfer.

Some do it easily, while others struggle a little.

Here are some of the things to do and avoid when you’re trying to get in to the 90’s

How To Break 100 In Golf

Breaking 100 in golf can be an intimidating goal for amateur players.

But with the right combination of practice, patience and technique, you can achieve this milestone and experience the joy of shooting your best round yet.

Here’s a look at some more tips to get you there!

Practice Makes Perfect Permanent

The most important part of breaking 100 is to put in the time on the course or driving range.

But it’s very important to practice the right things.

There is a saying that ‘Practice Makes Perfect‘ but that doesn’t actually ring true, especially if you are practising the wrong things.

If you are planning to play for a while and want to get better, then it’s definitely worth having a lesson from a qualified coach to make sure you are doing the right things

here’s a few of the things that lessons will do for your game

It takes a lot of practice to get comfortable with both your short game and your long game.

Start by focusing on one aspect at a time, whether it’s chipping or putting or driving.

Once you’re comfortable with one, move on to the next until you feel confident about all aspects of your game.

Mentally Prepare Yourself

Breaking 100 also requires mental preparation.

Golf can be a difficult sport because it requires hours of concentration and focus.

Before teeing off, take some time to clear your head and get into the right frame of mind to play your best round ever.

Visualize yourself making great shots, staying focused on each shot and finishing under 100 strokes.

This kind of mental preparation will help you stay calm when things don’t go as planned during your round.

Staying Positive Will Help You Break 100

It’s also important to stay positive throughout your round, even if things are not going according to plan.

A negative attitude can make all the difference between shooting an 80 or a 90! So remember that every stroke counts, no matter how small it may seem in the moment.

Being positive will help you stay focused on achieving your goal and will give you an extra boost every time you hit a good shot.

Breaking 100 in golf is achievable for any amateur golfer who puts in the work and stays positive throughout their round.

With enough practice and dedication, you too can break 100 and enjoy playing one of the world’s oldest sports! Good luck out there!

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