Hit More Greens In Regulation

So you want to hit more greens in regulation?

I know exactly what you mean.  Hit more greens and it follows that your scores will improve.

Before I tell you the simple technique to hit more greens in regulation, we need to have a look at some of the reasons that golfers miss greens.

  • Not knowing the actual yardage that they have left to go
  • Thinking they hit the ball further than they do
  • Trying to force a smaller club rather than swinging smoothly on a bigger club

There are many more but these are just a few and we can fix all of them in one simple step.

In order to be able to do this I recommend getting yourself a stroke saver or a course planner.  These will give you the ‘extra’ details that you may not think of when you are standing over your shot.

In most cases the stroke saver will tell you the depth of the green, most are approx 30 yards from front of green to back of green, (of course there will be variations and the stroke saver will tell you).

We all hit different distances with our irons, but to give you an idea, let’s assume the difference in each of our clubs is 12-15 yards.

The difference of 30 yards, front to back, is about a 2 club difference, meaning if you need to hit your 9-iron to get on the front of the green, you’ll need to hit your 7-iron to get on the back of the green.Steve

Most club golfers don’t know how far they hit each club so this is one of the first things you’ll need to work out.  But once you know,

There is a very simple way to make sure that you increase the amount of greens you hit in regulation.

Here’s the Tip

  • Take your yardage to the BACK of the green

Now this may seem like a simple thing to do and it is.

The reason I suggest you do this is the fact that most club golfers will come up short in their approach shot.

By taking the yardage to the back of the green what can happen?

  1. You will hit a Sunday Best Shot and will end up on the back of the green as intended.
  2. You will hit an average shot and come up short, but you will now be in the middle of the green.

This is a very simple process and one that is very often overlooked, but by taking a few seconds to get your yardage to the back of the green you will have more success in hitting more greens in regulation.

You’ll then have to work on your putting to make sure you make par…but we’ll save that for another day.

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