Hercules Pairs Competition 2021

Steve King, Matt Mumford, Roger Chequer and Malcolm Clarke at Jamega Pro Tour Pro AM

Welcome to the Hercules Paris Competition for 2021

I sponsored the first HGS event this year, but as we know things haven’t quite gone to plan, so it was more low key than I would have hoped.

So I am delighted to announce the 2nd HGS Pairs competition sponsored by Fore King Golf

Last years pairs competition was played at Wrag Barn over 18 holes.

Front 9 was one score to count, back 9 both scores to count.

The Winners were Jase Aylett & Paul Peacock who won some great prizes courtesy of Lidl.

Competition Format

Think World Cup Or Champions League Format, with a group stage and then knock-out matches.

Group Stage

Each Team will play against all other Teams in their group

3 points for a win

1 point for a draw

Goal difference – holes won.

Even after you have won, continue to play all 18 holes and this will give you the holes won goal difference. Which could be a deciding factor if teams are tied on points

The Top 2 teams from each group will qualify

Knock Out stages

Straight knock-out (no need to play all 18 holes if the game is won)

if a game goes to Extra holes – no handicap shots given (as they have already been used up during the 18 holes)


All Matches can be played at Wrag or Coombe, or at a mutually agreeable venue. There are a lot of members at the same clubs, so feel free to play your matches at home.

Buggys are allowed

The Final Will be at Manor House, Castle Coombe

Entry fees

Entry Fee £10 per player
Greens Fees to be Paid by the players at each game


Finals Day at Manor House (Castle Coombe) Green Fees will be paid by Fore King Golf

HGS Branded shirts for the Four Finalists

The Winning Team will both win a free place at my end of season FKG Pairs Finals at The Players Club on 11 & 12 October 2021

This will be
4 Teams Of Pairs
2 Rounds of Competition Golf – Ultimate Pairs Style
1 Nights Half Board Accommodation

The runners-up will get a place in my Ultimate Pairs competition on 7th October 2021 at Cumberwell Park

The winners of the Ultimate Pairs competition will also qualify for the end of season FKG Pairs Finals, so you have two chances to win

This is subject to change due to restrictions and availability due the pandemic


Closing Date for Entry: Competition Entry Closed
Closing Date for Group Matches: 31 March 15 August
Knock Out Stages: 15 August to 6th October

The Finals date are confirmed below, subject to Covid and tee Availability

Fore King Golf Tour at The Manor House in Castle Coombe March 2020

Playing Format

Matchplay Pairs – Betterball – Strokeplay – Yellow Tees

Handicap Calculations

Each player receives 90% of their handicap

The lowest player plays off scratch and everyone else gets reduced by the same amount of shots the lowest player just lost

YOU HAVE A NEW handicap

The new WHS handicap system has now come into force. This means you will be playing off your new handicap which has been updated by the HGS Handicap Committee, you can find details on the HGS website

Please stay updated with your HGS handicap throughout the competition and please speak with a handicap committee member if you have any queries

The Group Stage Draw

Hercules Golf Society Pairs Competition Group Stage Draw for 2021

watch the draw

If you’re interested in that kind of thing, you can watch the video of the draw being made.

But I warn you, it’s pretty much a bloke doing copy/paste in excel.
if you do watch it I recommend you use the speed control and set it to 1.5

Group Stages

There have been a few team changes prior the matches being played.

You can see the updated teams in the league tables below.

I will update the groups regularly as I receive the results

Group A

Martin Cook & Phil Lenehan (Q)22006+3
Stephen White & Richard Eley (Q)21013+5
Sly Jenkins & Alan Oakley (P)30121-8
Steven Francis & Lloyd Allen (WD)101010

Group A Results

Stephen & Richard beat Sly & Alan 5&4 (6 up)
Phil & Martin beat Sly & Alan 2 up
Phil & Martin beat Stephen & Richard 1 up
Sly & Alan drew with Franny & Lloydy
Franny & Lloydy withdrew from the comp

Group B

Peter Haynes & Gary Haynes (Q)32016+3
Martin Weaver & Adam Weaver21104+1
Chris Johnson & Nick Chant21013+2
Pete Ptaszek & Tucker Thompson (P)30121-6

Group B Results

Peter & Gary beat Pete & Tucker 2&1 (3 up)
Chris & Nick beat Pete & Tucker 7&6 (3 up)
Martin & Adam beat Peter & Gary 1 up
Peter & Gary beat Chris & Nick 1 up
Martin & Adam drew with Tucker & Pete

Group C

Alex Ahmed & Kevin Broderick (Q)21013+4
Tom Hill & Clem Cleminson (Q)20020-8
Henry Hall & Paul Rowley (WD)22006+4
Mike Tunstall & Paul Rose (WD)000000

Group C Results
Rowley & Henry beat Al & Brodders 3&1 (2 up)
Rowley & Henry beat Clem & Tom 2&1 (2 up)
Alex & Kev beat Clem & Tom 5&4 (6 up)
Mike Tunstall & Paul Rose withdrew from comp
Rowley & Henry withdrew from comp

Group D

Wez Christian & John Thomson (Q)21013+4
Steve Butt & David Seaton (Q)21013+1
Lee Gaterell & Ray Butt (P)21013-5
Matt Thomas & Ant Southwell000000

Group D Results
Ray & Lee beat Seats & Buttsy Jr 1 up
Seats & Buttsy beat Wez & Tommo 2 Up
Wez & Tommo beat Lee & Ray 5&4 (6 up)
Southy & Matt withdrew from comp

Group E

Russ Gittens & Reg Thorpe (Q)21013+3
Carl Marsh & Darren Dodd (Q)21013+2
Ian Jenkins & Dave Jenkins (P)21013-5
Andy Morris & Nick Parker (WD)000000

Group E Results
Carl & Darren beat Reg & Russ 5&4 (4 up)
Dave & Ian beat Carl & Darren 3&2 (2 up)
Reg & Russ beat Dave & Ian 4&3 (7 up)
Andy & nick withdrew from comp

Group F

TeamPWDLPtsHoles Up
Duncan Wright & Ben La Porta22006+8
Gary Hancock & Steve Wiltshire21023-2
Neil Reid & Gerry Maher20020-6
Jase Aylett & Paul Peacock000000

Group F Results
Duncan & Ben beat Neil & Gerry 2&1 (3 up)
Steve & Gary beat Neil & Gerry 4&3 (3 up)
Duncan & Ben beat Gary & Steve 4&3 (5 up)

Group G

Mark Lazenby & Charlie Holdsworth (Q)22006+9
Keith Phillips & Joel Springall (Q)22006+4
Simon Gubbin & Stuart Hill (P)31023+3
Glyn Parker & Chris Elias (P)30030-16

Group G Results
Gubbs & Stuart beat Glyn & Chris 5 up
Charlie & Mark beat Gubbs & Stuart 1 up
Charlie & Mark beat Glyn & Chris 5&3 (8 up)
Keith & Joel beat Glyn & Chris 5&4 (3 up)
Keith & Joel beat Gubbs & Stuart 1 up

Group H

Roger Chequer & Steve King33009+10
Aidan McBeth & Trevor Isherwood11003+7
Peter Chappell & Ron Hearfield21013+2
Rob Gregory & Jane Marren31023-10
Gav Livingstone & Neil Simpson (P)30030-9

Group H Results

Roger & Steve beat Neil & Gav 6&4 (5 up)
Roger & Steve beat Jane & Rob 4&3 (4 up)
Aidan & Trev beat Jane & Rob 5&4 (7 up)
Ron & Pete beat Neil & Gav 3&2 (3 up)
Roger & Steve beat Ron & Peter 1 up
Rob & Jane beat Neil & Gav 1 up

Round Of 16

1: Martin Cook & Phil Lenehan v Runners-up Group H

2: Winners Group B v Runners-up Group G

3: Alex Ahmed & Kevin Broderick v Runners-up Group F

4: Wez Christian & John Thomson v Carl Marsh & Darren Dodd

5: Russ Gittens & Reg Thorpe v Steve Butt & David Seaton

6: Winners Group F v Tom Hill & Clem Cleminson

7: Winners Group G v Runners-up Group B

8: Winners Group H v Stephen White & Richard Eley

Matches to be played no later than 31 August 2021

Quarter Finals

QF 1

Winners Match 1 v Winners Match 8

QF 2

Winners Match 2 v Winners Match 7

QF 3

Winners Match 3 v Winners Match 6

QF 4

Winners Match 4 v Winners Match 5

Matches to be played no later than 14 September 2021


SF 1

Winners QF 1 v Winners QF 4

SF 2

Winners QF 2 v Winners QF 3

Matches to be played no later than 30 September 2021



Winners SF 1 v Winners SF 2

Venue: Manor House
To be played no later than 6th October 2021

Prizes for Finalists

The Winning Team will both win a free place at my end of season FKG Pairs Finals at The Players Club on 11 & 12 October 2021

This will be
4 Teams Of Pairs
2 Rounds of Competition Golf – Ultimate Pairs Style
1 Night Half Board Accommodation

The runners-up will get a place in my Ultimate Pairs competition on 7th October 2021 at Cumberwell Park

Competitions Updates

Due to covid restrictions, difficulties booking tee times and rubbish weather I have rejigged the pairs competition dates a little bit to try and get us back on track and make sure we finish in 2021

The current group stages remain unchanged and we now have an end date of 15 August to finish the group stages

This gives us 13 weeks to complete, what is only 3 or 4 matches in each group…this should be plenty of time.

Please do your best to organise your matches and if you have any problems please let me know ASAP.

Feel free to play at any venue both teams agree on. and/or try to get paired together in any HGS matches.

Please let me know below if you have any concerns or questions


More Updates

I will update this page on an ongoing basis, so you will be able to see who is winning in each group and who you might have to play in the next round.


Everything should be plain sailing but in the event of a dispute please contact Steve as soon as possible.

Fore King Golf, in consultation with the HGS committee, will have the final decision in any dispute.