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Debunking Golf Swing Myths


There are many golden nuggets of golf advice out there widely spread in the golf game for many years.

But the question is, do any of them make sense? Or are they just swinging myths?

In this post, we’ll talk about myths related to golf swinging that have prevailed over the years. Let’s go.

Myth #1: You should keep your lower body quiet

This myth cranked out from the idea that too much lower body motion will result in the swing to get thrown off.

To hit decent shots you need to be able to transfer your weight during the swing, to the back foot going backwards and through to finish on the front foot through the swing

If you put your focus on keeping your lower body quiet, it may result in a loss of power, distance and accuracy.

Myth #2: Your head should stay still and down

The truth is, your head will move slightly along with the pivot of your swing. But not upwards or downwards. Nor should your head move before the impact on the ball.

If someone is giving you the advice to keep your head down, slap that advice right in the kisser. Following this advice will not end well

Myth #3: You should make a big and full swing

You have to remember, most of the amateurs don’t have the flexibility or natural talent to smack a ball well over 300 yards.

Seeing professionals make a full turn it inspires amateurs try to replicate them and make an all-out swing.

This often results in, pushes, pulls and slices.

Instead, you should focus on turning your shoulders to the max comfy zone that your body can cope with. After that, keep moving forward and let your club do its job naturally in the slot and down and through.

Myth #4: You should roll your wrists through the impact

This myth has been around for a long time. Seemingly, this idea was generated to make golfers release their wrists and encouraging the club to settle at the impact time.

You see, the club will be released naturally and at a specific time if you hold it firmly but not too tightly.

Your force of the swinging will permit the wrists to unfold and refold while the impact is being made, without any extra thrust from the golfer.

Myth #5: You should keep your left arm straight

Though a little of this advice is true, many love to take it to extreme and overdose the condition. They lock down their arm super stiff which results in robotic motion and ruins their opportunity of a solid strike.

Many coaches recommend their students to bend their left arm slightly while swinging as the speed and momentum of downswing straightens the arm automatically.

Myth #6: You should swing slowly

At some point someone surely would say you’re swinging too fast and yell ‘slow down’ at you. Well, it seems like a legitimate idea to slowly swing your club to get better results comparing to a fast swing, but, the reality is, you receive the same results but at a slower speed.

You see, golf is a game of accuracy and power. The prime thing in creating speed in golf is speed. By swinging through the ball quickly, you create speed.

The advice of swing slow is to give you a confident and assertive swing. While this doesn’t mean to swing your face off, it surely means to trust your natural athletic capability and drive the shots to maximum.