Stretch Your Way To Better Golf

by Steve | Last Updated: 20 August 2021

Do you want to improve your golf game?

Here are some stretches that will help you do just that!

Try to do them every day and before playing a round of golf.

Golf is a strange sport in as much as you need to be fit to play your best golf but it doesn’t necessarily make you fit while you are playing it.

There are many things that golfers do to make the game easier for themselves like using a buggy and parking right next to the ball each shot.

But to play your best golf you need to be in as good a condition as your body permits

If you’re looking for a way to improve your golf game, then you’ll be happy to hear that there is one.

It’s called stretching!

Stretching out sore muscles not only helps prevent injury but also improves mobility and flexibility which can help with swing mechanics.

There are several muscles that are used in the golf swing and many of which can have an influence over your golf swing. 

In this series we will look at the muscles that can inhibit a good golf swing and will offer a stretching routine for each

This course is a collection of specific ‘golf targeted’ exercises which will help you enormously with flexibility and mobility in your golf swing.

As with all things physical, don’t hurt yourself or over do things, there’s no fun in not being able to play because you are stiff from your efforts.

Watch The Videos below:

By taking this instruction on board you will be able see a difference in the mobility of your golf swing and in how you feel away from golf.

Take care not to hurt yourself while doing these exercises and speak with a medical professional before you start if you have any doubts.

Happy Golfing

Steve King, the founder of Fore King Golf, started playing golf at the tender age of 29, after years spent playing many other sports and getting dodgy knees. Although late to the game, Steve soon fell in love with the sport and found himself, like many others, addicted to the pursuit of improvement and playing better. He is currently a member of The Kendleshire Golf Club & Hercules Golf Society, as well as running several competitions for Fore King Golf