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Picture Asking What Counts As A Putt In Golf

What Counts As A Putt In Golf?

With all the rules in golf you might not know that any stroke on the green, even if it’s a chip with a wedge or an iron, counts as a putt!

Three Golf Swing Release Techniques

Three Golf Swing Release Techniques

Any golfer knows they will have good days and bad days on the course and the key to playing well is consistency in your swing, and an important part of that is swing release.

Can You Putt For Dough

Can You Putt For Dough?

It’s an expression that most golfers will recognise and yet many handicap golfers spend very little time practising their putting.

This is why golf is one of the hardest sports

Is Golf One Of The Hardest Sports

If you have ever played golf, you know how difficult it is both psychologically and emotionally, and if you have never played, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Why Your Golf Swing Is Inconsistent

Why Your Golf Swing Is Inconsistent

Having a consistent swing is a major part in trying to achieve this. But for most of us we are inconsistent and so are our swings, so let’s look at the reasons why this might be the case.

What Makes A Good Golf Coach

21 Things That Make A Good Golf Coach

A good coach will ask questions, listen, plan your goals, keep things simple, and not try to fit you into a text book version of how they see the golf swing.

How to Play A Fairway Bunker Shot

How To Play A Fairway Bunker Shot

Rich takes us through the fundamentals of playing a fairway bunker shot, and gives some tips to help make sure you take ball before sand.

Developing A Pre-Shot Routine

Developing A Pre-Shot Routine

Even if you have great mechanics to hit a great drive it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to make a great shot.