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Do New Golf Grips Make A Real Difference?


If you’re looking to purchase a new golf club, then you should definitely consider the grip.

A good golf grip is one that fits comfortably in your hand and allows for easy swinging without any interference from the other parts of the club or yourself. It also needs to be durable enough to withstand wear and tear throughout many rounds of play.

The right grip will help improve your game by allowing you to swing freely without having to worry about anything else but hitting that ball straight down the fairway.

Buying a new golf club can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure what to look for.

Fortunately, there are several key factors that you should take into consideration when selecting clubs.

One of these is the grip size and material.

Golf grips help improve a golfer’s performance, especially when it comes to accuracy. Golfers should choose the right size and material for their grip based on how they want to use them.

Grips come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they improve your golf game by providing more control over the club handle.

A good quality golf grip will last longer than an inferior one and enhance your ability to play more effectively with less exertion on your part.

Some golfers prefer to use tape on their clubs for added comfort and durability, while others find it too difficult to replace their old grips without damaging them

What Are The Different Sizes Of Golf Grips

Golf grips come in different sizes and are suited to specific players

  • Standard Grips
  • Mid Size Grips
  • Jumbo Grips
  • Under Sized Grips

Standard Size Grips

These are the middle of the size range and are typically what is fitted to a standard set of golf clubs.

They come in two slightly different sizes, 580 and 600, but the vast majority of players would not even notice the difference.

What’s The Difference Between 580 and 600 Golf Grip Sizes?

A 580 (or .58) or 600 (or .60) grip size refers to the inside core diameter of the grip before it is fitted. 

The core size is the inside diameter of the grip and usually has no correlation to the outside diameter of the grip.

Both the 580 and 600 are considered as standard sizes

Mid Size Grips

Midsize golf grips are best for those that have a large hand, wear an oversized glove, and also those with arthritis. And in fact there are some specialist arthritis protection grips available, which often come in mid size.

My friend Roger uses them and says they are great to use but when they get wet he loses traction and the club handle slips in his hands while he makes a swing.

Jumbo Grips

Jumbo Grips are best suited to players who have much larger hands. They’re also well suited to senior golfers, especially those that may suffer from arthritis in the fingers.

The golf grip is not a very natural position for our hands to be in so it can cause the fingers to ache. Using a much bigger grip can help to alleviate the pain.

Under Sized Grips

No surprise, under-sized grips are for people with smaller hands. Typically Junior and ladies Golf Sets will have undersized grips fitted as standard.

What Are Golf Grips Made of?

They are made of Rubber, which is a material that wears down over time, so newer models often provide better feel than older ones because the design has softer materials like rubber or silicone to absorb vibrations from impact with the ball.

The new golf grip design usually has a high-quality rubber compound to last longer and provide better feel

This type of grip also provides more traction on the club for increased control

What Are The Different Types Of Golf Grip

There are several options to choose from. Some have purely cosmetic differences but others have specific purposes and it differs as to who they are best suited to.

Some of these you may have heard of but other are less commonly known, let’s look into each in detail

These all come in different sizes and feels so everyone can have usually find their own preference!

What Are Corded Golf Grips

The corded golf grips are rubber grips with a corded fibre that comes out of the rubber grip to become more tacky to touch to a players hands. These grips are perfect for players who have sweaty palms or for playing in light rain.

picture of golf pride tour velvet cord golf grip

These types of grips are a little more rough feeling, so if you spend a lot of time on the range you may find your hands burn a little, perhaps even start to blister.

If you find that’s the case, don’t forget to check your grip pressure…assuming you have the correct grip size of course.

They do also come in a half-corded version as well.

What Are Tour Wrap Golf Grips

Tour Wrap Grips are rubber with leather wrapped around them.

They help to provide players some consistency in feel and they’re easy to put on to the club during installation.

picture of golf pride tour wrap microsuede golf grip

I use the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Wrap on my own clubs and I often get them in white across the whole set, but have often toyed with having different colours for each club.

The Tour Wrap is now available with new MicroSuede Technology, a proprietary brushed surface finish that delivers soft feel and added traction.

What Are Multi-Compound Golf Grips

The multi-compound grip is a great option for players looking to better their game.

The Cord area on the grip allows you to have all the control in rainy weather, and the rubber gives you responsiveness.

The Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound is one of the best golf grips on the market.

picture of Golf Pride Multi compound Golf Grip

You may have heard your friends mention that they play with this grip, and if you’re looking for an option to check out, then it’s definitely worth a try!

What Are Rubber Golf Grips

These are often referred to as standard or stock golf grips and are the ones most commonly used by manufacturers when they build their clubs and sets.

They are often cheaper and don’t last as long or feel as good as the other, more premium, models.

Check out the latest price on….

What Are Ribbed Golf Grips

These are sometimes referred to as reminder or alignment grips and are designed to help you get your hands into the correct position each time.

There are usually markings, like a rib on the bottom of the grip, perhaps even some small indentations on the grip that help you feel where your hands should be.

picture of Golf Pride ZGRIP ALIGN Grips

It should be obvious to say, but when you have these put on your clubs, make sure they get put on correctly and are aligned as they should be. There’s no point reminding yourself to hold the club a certain way if the alignment is off.

There are training aid grips that can help you get your hands into a better set up, usually these are a neutral grip position

What Are Rounded Golf Grips

A rounded grip has a completely smooth internal core diameter and this helps to make the outside of the grip perfectly round.

Many top Pro’s use these as they are more able to feel every slight detail on their clubs, especially the grip weight and size.

What Are Balanced Golf Grips

Counter Balance grips help to add weight to the butt of the golf club. When the weight of the grip is added to the golf club, it helps lower the overall swing weight but does increase the total static weight of the golf club.

Swing Weight is how heavy the club feels when you swing it and static weight is the actual weight of the club. Check out my article that goes in more depth about Swing Weights and how they are measured and feel.

Who Makes The Best Golf Grips

It’s all about personal feel and choice but I would say there are three manufacturers that are the most popular and stick out most often,

  • Golf Pride
  • Winn
  • Lamkin

Golf Pride are probably most well known for their standard rubber grip that is put on many new clubs directly from the manufacturer. The New Decade Multi-Compound, which come in cool two colour combinations and the Tour Velvet is the most used grip on the PGA Tour, according to

Winn is known for making soft grips, especially their putter range and the Dri-Tac series is very popular

Lamkin is most widely know for their corded Crossline Grips.

The Crossline has been one of Lamkin’s best-selling grips for over 20 years.

And is also popular on the PGA Tour, Crossline features a highly-durable compound and best-in-class torsion control for improved shot-making and confidence.

Have You Been Fitted For Golf Grips?

I highly recommend it next time you visit your local pro or golf shop.

There are some fantastic online grip calculators that you can try.

I often go to the Golf Pride website, as that’s my personal choice of grip.

Check out the Grip Fitting Section on the Golf Pride Website