Golf Gear

There are a ton of different options you can choose from and depending on your ability and what you choose may well be different from another player.

Everything you buy is a personal choice but with the clubs and equipment, you are thinking about buying, they should be ones that are going to suit your game and help you play better.

Each Golf Manufacturer makes their own claims as to why their own product is the best.

Often their marketing campaigns focus on gaining more distance or being the most forgiving, and perhaps they have the magic bullet that you need to elevate your game, even though they don’t directly come out and say it.

Their marketing teams are wordsmiths so I would advise you to take their claims with a pinch of salt and test the clubs for yourself.

Golf Gear

I have spent hundreds of hours researching and testing the best golf gear on the market.  These items are battle-tested and can be recommended without any equivocation.

Keep in mind, however, that these items are not necessarily all the highest-end items.  My goal on this page is to recommend golf gear that is priced really well while still maintaining a high-quality standard.

I am independent, unbiased and always put you the Golfer first.

I spend lots of time researching products to help you get the most out of your game.

I’ll show you what I use in my own game and I’ll take you through the pro’s and cons of the recommendations that I make with the hope to help you avoid the pain of buying the wrong things, getting frustrated and wasting your money.

Happy Golfing