Golf Fitness

Golf Fitness

Golf is a strange sport in as much as you need to be fit to play your best golf but it doesn’t necessarily make you fit while you are playing it. There are many things that golfers do to make the game easier for themselves like using a buggy and parking right next to the ball each shot. But to play your best golf you need to be in as good a condition as your body permits

See how the hands move in the putting stroke

The Secret to Great Golf – Talk the Talk to Walk the Walk – you must be the golfer you wish to become. Be careful how you talk to yourself.

Even if you have great mechanics to hit a great drive it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to make a great shot.

It’s important to understand how the putter head moves in the putting stroke

I’m going to run through a little routine here, where when I’m walking to the ball I’m going to use my right hand and use it close to my right thigh, so I’m promoting when I come to make the swing.

Playing a bunker shot with the ball above your feet needs a bit of thought

Getting fit for the correct Putter can make putting easier and help you take your game to the next level

It’s very common that a lot of golfers use the visual aspect of things to help them promote their golf.

The Shank is probably the worse fault any golfer could have. So let’s find out exactly what causes a shank

Playing a ball from the back of the bunker can be a bit tricky due to the lip of the bunker being in the way.