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Do Golf Bag Tubes Actually Work?


Golf bag tubes were once very popular but have since died down in popularity a little.

This is perhaps due to golfers not understanding exactly what they were designed for and whether they actually keep their golf clubs safe.

Golf bag tubes help keep your clubs from getting scratched, scuffed, chipped, and dented. In addition to keeping the clubs safely protected from damage, they also help keep them organized within your golf bag.

Using Tubes can also help you keep the shafts of the club in mint condition because these damaging elements, if severe enough, could induce structural damage to the shaft, causing it to snap.

And this also helps protect any resale value of the clubs should you choose to change them or sell them in the future.

We’ll briefly look at golf bags and golf clubs and consider the correlation between the two.

Then well look at why golf bag tubes are useful and what other positive features and reasons golfers use them for.

Finally, well, see if golf bag tubes are outdated and if modern golf bags have replaced them. 

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Golf Bag And Golf Bag Tubes Overview

One of the greatest pleasures a golfer has is looking through his golf bag filled with irons and woods to determine which club he will need for the next shot.

In addition to that, nowadays, golf clubs are sleek, expensive, and beautiful, which is another reason to look into the bag and pull out a club.

Just as with any other hobby, golf can be expensive, and the prices that one pays for clubs and bags are no different.

Walking around the course from hole to hole (whether you are playing the back 9, the front 9, or the entire 18) carrying your bag filled with fourteen clubs gives them a chance to move around and bang up against each other a lot.

It is a hard pill to swallow after you discover after only one round or a couple of games you have played, your expensive clubs are somewhat scuffed, scratched, and worn down due to this constant knocking and rubbing up against each other.

Furthermore, the fact that a beginner golfer can expect to pay as little as $500 to start their hobby or golfing career is still a considerable amount of money just to let them get ruined to a degree without any warrant.

Not to mention the fact that a set of professional clubs will sit upwards of the $1000 range.

Golf Bag Tubes

Golf Bag Tubes can help alleviate this problem and is a type of addon/gadget that can be inserted into your bags, and they will house your clubs.

As we will see, Golf bags don’t have the proper separation needed to rectify this problem, and so due to the need (as how everything is invented), these devices came about.

What Are Golf Bag Tubes

Golf bag tubes are gadgets that are long and cylindrical tubes that are placed within your golf bag.

There is one tube for each golf club, and the tubes act as a separator in order for you to find and manage your golf clubs within your bag more easily and efficiently.

In addition to helping you find your clubs (which we will discuss in more detail below), they also act as a preventative measure so as to keep your golf clubs from rubbing against each other, causing scratches and scuffs.

Why Do You Need Golf Bag Tubes

As we briefly touched on above, there are several reasons why golfers would want to employ the use of golf bag tubes, and we will go into them in detail here.

Golf Bags Have No Dividers

Although in recent years, golf bags have come out with dividers that extend all the way to the bottom of the bag, for many years, they did not.

Furthermore, most individuals only ever purchase and use one or two bags throughout their entire golfing career, and as such, they probably have a bag with dividers that just sit towards the top of the bag.

Use Them To Protect Your Clubs

Manufacturers in designing a golf bag placed the top tier of the bag at an angle. This is so that you are able to organize your clubs by height.

In addition to managing your clubs by size, this prevents heavier clubs from damaging your golf clubs’ long shafts.

What is fantastic about golf bag tubes is that when you use your bag according to the design and places the clubs in the correct position, your clubs will sit in a suitable position where they will tend not to damage their shafts or push against the other clubs like the irons.

Golf bag tubes aid in this preventative measure ensuring maximum separation of the clubs.

When you arrange your golf bag without thought, just putting golf clubs away in different areas of your bag, you should not be chocked in the middle of your swing if your club shaft snaps in two.

This is because scuffs, pits, scars, and scuffs damage the shaft if severe enough.

Use Them To Organise Your Bag

There would be fourteen clubs in a bag if you did not know that already.

Due to this, a golfer reaches into their bag many times looking for a club, and if the bag is organised, it takes a considerable amount of time trying to find the correct one.

Golf bag tubes offer enough separation and protection that looking into your bag and pulling out the correct club is easy and hassle-free.

Remember that emotion plays a hefty role in golf, and being frustrated can affect your swing, and hence your score. 

Being able to find the correct club when you need to allows you to concentrate on what is essential (the next shot) instead of sifting through a bag of messy clubs.

Use Them To Spot Missing Clubs

Many golfers like to clean their clubs and keep them in pristine condition. Besides wiping and polishing the clubs, we now know that golf bag tubes can also aid in this.

One thing to note is that sometimes for whatever reason, after polishing clubs or taking one out for a practice swing session, they are not placed back in the bag.

Golf bag tubes can help you easily spot missing clubs due to the tube being empty and it being visually apparent.

Checking your bag prior to play will never be difficult again, and instead of counting up your clubs and double-checking that all your woods and irons are there, you can just scan to see if any tubes are empty.

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What About Modern Golf Bags?

Since the invention of golf bag tubes, manufacturers of golf bags have seen that many avid golfers prefer their clubs to stay in pristine condition and have started to employ a design that helps aid in this.

As we said, some golf bags now have dividers that extend all the way to the bottom of the bag; however, one thing to note is that some bags are still only divided into sections and not into individual club sections.

On the other hand, you do actually get golf bags with built-in dividers for each golf club, which in essence negates the need to have golf bag tubes. Check out this golf bag with separate dividers on Amazon

Keep in mind, though, that if a golfer already has a bag, it would be cheaper just to purchase a set of golf bag tube dividers instead of purchasing a brand new golf bag. Check out these set of 14 golf bag tubes on Amazon


We discovered that the need for golf bag tubes arose because golfers, both amateur and professional, were finding their clubs scratched, chipped, scuffed, and ruined due to them continuously knocking and rubbing up against each other.

Besides having considerably expensive clubs, getting ruined these dents and divots could also bring about structural damage to the shaft of the club if severe enough, causing it to snap.

Golf bag tubes do actually work in keeping your clubs safer, and in addition to that, they help keep your bag and your clubs organised.