How To Fix A Golf Hook

by Steve | Last Updated: 22 August 2021

How do I fix my golf hook is one of the most common questions that amateur golfers ask themselves after they have spent hours at the range trying various fixes without success.

The answer depends on which type of swing fault is causing your ball to curve back towards left field (or right field if you are a left-handed golfer).

It’s frustrating when you’re trying to hit a straight shot and your ball hooks off the tee.

You’ve tried everything but nothing has worked, so it can be hard to know where to turn next.

In this post we’ll go over what causes a golf hook and how you can fix it.

Welcome to our How To Fix A Golf Hook mini-coaching series

In this short series I’m going to show several different drills that will help you understand how to fix a golf hook.

There are several different drills for you to try and each of these drills will help you understand how to fix a golf hook

So go through them as there’s probably one that suits you more so than others.

Happy Golfing

The Split Grip Drill

The Split Grip Drill may feel a little awkward at first, but it’s well worth a try to help you fix your hook

The Faster Body rotation Drill

Rotating your body faster through the ball will help you to reduce the amount of hook you put on the ball

The Knuckles up Drill

Keeping the knuckles pointing up to the sky will help you keep the clubhead facing down the target line for longer.

The Toe Behind The Heel Drill

Understanding where the club-head is, and where it should be, will help you in all aspects of your golf swing

The Right Foot Over Left Foot Drill

This is a great drill to help you fix your hook by opening the hips earlier in the through swing.

The Baseball Swing Drill

Use a Baseball Swing as a drill to help get the feel for leaving the club face open

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