How To Fix A Slice With The Left Foot Over Right Foot Drill

Now, the drill I’m going to show you here is the left foot over right drill.

Now this is going to try and get the clubhead approaching the ball more from an inside path to make sure that you can hit the ball. Maybe with a slight little draw on it or much straighter.

So all you slicers out there, this is a really good drill for you.

So left foot over right. Actually it now positions my hips nice and square but when you go to swing through, it will be very very difficult to actually clear the hips.

Now, if you can’t clear the hips the club will actually start to come down on a much better par. So if I show you from side on you’ll see what I mean by this.

So, left foot over right. Make my swing . The club comes down, my hips now get a bit stuck . They can’t open up. The club will approach from the inside.

You see how it is coming more in to out?

You see how the clubhead is passing the orange marker there?

That’s really going to promote a very very inside attack. So people who slice the ball often clear the hips too early in the swing. So if I take a normal set up. I’ve made my swing. Clearing the hips too fast brings the club over in a very outside to in path.

We want the inside to out path. So left foot over right drill. You can actually hit golf balls doing this as well. You can use a driver even maybe down to a mid iron.

So give this a go and hopefully we can fix your slice.

Happy Golfing

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