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Find Out How Far You Hit Your Clubs


If you struggle to know how far you hit each of your clubs, create a Carry Distance chart which will help you to track your distances.

Note: This is not the total distance of your shot, but how far it travels to the first bounce.

It doesn’t include the distance the ball then rolls on after bouncing.

This gives you a better understanding of actually how far you hit the ball.

Which makes club section easier when you need to carry the ball over a hazard, like a bunker or pond in front of the green.

Understanding how far you hit the ball with each club is one of the quickest ways for you lower your scores.

A Carry Distance Chart is a simple way for you to find out.

This is how to use it

  • Simply hit ten shots with each club
  • Record the distance of each shot
  • Disregard the two longest & two shortest
  • Add up the remaining 6 distances
  • Divide the total distance by 6 and you are go to go
  • Do this for all your clubs

You can do this in just one session at the range.

You may find it useful to do it each month to keep an eye on your progress.